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Art costume play
I'm excited about Vermeer's "Girl with a Pearl Earring"!
*The project has ended.
The popular experience corner is back for a limited time! “If you put on a turban and accessories and adopt the same facial expressions and poses as the girl depicted in the painting, you will instantly become the main character in the masterpiece!

[Installation period] 2023/12/26 (Tues) to 2024/2/29 (Thurs) *Excluding closed days
[setting place]Otsuka Museum of Art 2nd basement floor, near elevators 1 and 2
[Participation fee] Free, but admission fee required

\Take a close look at masterpieces with art cosplay/
2nd basement floor exhibition room 54 Vermeer “Girl with a Pearl Earring” Mauritshuis Museum collection (Netherlands) 

A work full of realism, with a girl emerging from a dark background, as if she was just looking back. Her moist eyes, glossy red lips, and large pearls are decorated with beads of light. The blue color of the turban is made from a blue stone called lapis lazuli, a pigment that artists used with great care even back then.

650,000 people were attracted, the largest exhibition returns to the screen
Exploration-type art documentary
Johannes Vermeer was a 17th century painter representing the Netherlands and has many fans in Japan. The "Vermeer Exhibition'' held at the Rijksmuseum in the Netherlands from February to June 2023 was a valuable exhibition that brought together 28 existing Vermeer works from around the world and attracted 650,000 people. This is an art documentary that carefully unravels a number of his works. With this work, you can learn more about Vermeer's works through explanations by museum directors and curators, as well as Vermeer's methods revealed through research, and enjoy time to yourself where you can have every detail to yourself. Why does Vermeer fascinate people? Check the answer on the screen.


※I change the Events by the situation and may stop.

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