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I would like an opinion, an impression, the inquiry about the Otsuka Museum of Art to this.
The location
65-1, Fukuike, Narutochotosadomariura, Naruto-shi, Tokushima (Setonaikai National Park)
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Can you enter it again?
During appreciation, can I leave baggage in coin locker?
Is there the rental of wheelchair and stroller?
Is it Is entering a building, the appreciation possible in wheelchair?
Are there an advance ticket and the discount coupon?
How does appreciation time need it?
Is Naruto Whirlpools seen near?
Can you take a picture?
Is the taxi stand near?
Can I bring in the lunch?
Can the small child enter it?
There is a pet, can you enter it?
Is the credit card usable to pay?
Is there the ATM in a hall?
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