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I would like an opinion, an impression, the inquiry about the Otsuka Museum of Art to this.
〒772-0053 65-1, Fukuike, Narutochotosadomariura, Naruto-shi, Tokushima (in Naruto Park)

Common question about facilities, the service

How does appreciation time need it?
Can you enter it again?
Can you obtain a list of MAP and works in the hall beforehand?
Can the small child enter it?
There is a pet, can you enter it?
Is entering a building, the appreciation possible in wheelchair?
Is there the rental of wheelchair and stroller?
Are there an advance ticket and the discount coupon?
Is the credit card usable to pay?
Is the ATM in the hall?
Can I take a picture?
Is there the sound guide?
Is there the coin locker?
Is the taxi stand near?
Can I charge my mobile phone in the hotel?
Is there the smoking place?
Can I bring in the lunch?
Is Naruto Whirlpools seen near?

Common question about the restaurant cafe

Can you use only a restaurant and a cafe?
Can I reserve a restaurant and the cafe?
What kind of menu is there?
Do you get the allergenic information of the offer menu?
Can you use the credit card in a restaurant and a cafe?
Is the carry-on of the baby food possible in a restaurant and a cafe?

Common question about the museum shop

Can you use only a museum shop?
The business hours of the museum shop?
Can you purchase the product which does not appear in the homepage by a mail order?
I want to purchase products by a mail order, does it cost the postage?
Is there the table of the product "original mini-Sue board?"
With product "original mini-Sue board", can you purchase the Sue board of the design that a table does not have?
Can you wrap products?
Is the bag for the souvenir charged?
Can you use the credit card in a museum shop?
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