-Approximately 1000 Western masterpieces from 26 countries around the world are reproduced in full size on a ceramic plate-
The viewing route is about 4 km! holds all year Events on a theme in "the art museum which can come across a world masterpiece"

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 The Otsuka Museum of Art, one of the largest permanent exhibition space in Japan
You can appreciate our art in peace

Get a taste of how wide the world is
through the the exhibit space about 10,000 tsubo
Refresh in this wide space

   ★ You can stay to 5250 people at the same time in a hall

● Various gallery talks (including commentary on group tours) will be suspended for the time being, but you can enjoy the video of the museum staff's commentary on the works "I see world masterpieces SHOW" in the center hall on the 3rd basement floor.

●Café de Giverny on the 2nd basement floor is open as usual, but "A restaurant garden" above the ground on the 1st floor and3rd basement floor "Café VincentWill be closed for the time being.

  The period may change. We would appreciate your understanding.
                                      Updated 2022/12/24 

There is the possibility that the hours of the museum change due to circumstances of the new coronavirus infectious disease
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TripAdvisor Excellence Certification 8th consecutive year
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TripAdvisor Excellence Certification 8th consecutive year
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