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Café Vincent (B3F)

The third-floor "cafe Vincent" under the ground will be closed for the time being.

I would appreciate your understanding.
※I may change a period.

September 23, 2021 update

The third-floor Café Vincent under the ground 
In this cafe which named it from first name of Gogh, I prepared for the dessert which could take a break between appreciation including the menu which was good to a lunch under the theme of France which I spent as the hometown Netherlands and a painter of Gogh.

Business hours: 10:00-16:45 (the last order: until food 16:15 until drink dessert 16:30)

State in the shop

The shooting corner that actually reproduced masterpiece "Artist's Bedroom at Arles" of Gogh realistically.
I can actually experience the world of Gogh drawn in the picture as I can enter the room.
Gogh "Artist's Bedroom at Arles"
The work about the room of popular name "yellow house" the second-floor Gogh whom there was in Arles of south France. In an atelier on "yellow house" the first floor, Gogh created many works including "Sunflower" and worked hard at work production with Gauguin whom I invited to Arles.
Gogh creates three points of works of the same name, and you can see a work of the Musée d'Orsay possession in this museum.
The yellow cafe-terrace seat which imaged "the night cafe-terrace" that Gogh described.
Gogh "night cafe-terrace"
※There is no display in this museum
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