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Café Vincent (B3F)

"Cafe Vincent" on the 3rd basement floor will be closed for the time being.
*2022/10/8 (Sat) to 10th (Mon/Holiday), we will be open with the following limited menu.

We would appreciate your understanding.
※The period may be changed.

Updated 2022/10/2
The 3rd-floor Café Vincent under the ground 
A cafe named after Van Gogh's first name.Inside the store, there is also a shooting corner that realistically reproduces Van Gogh's masterpiece "Van Gogh's Room in Arles".

Business hours: 10: 30-16: 45 (Last order: Food until 16:15, Drinks and desserts until 16:30)

Limited menu from 2022/10/8 (Sat) to 10th (Mon,Holiday)

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