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Café Vincent (B3F)

The third-floor Café Vincent under the ground 
In this cafe which named it from first name of Gogh, I prepared for the dessert which could take a break between appreciation including the menu which was good to a lunch under the theme of France which I spent as the hometown Netherlands and a painter of Gogh.
Business hours: 10:00-16:45 (the last order: until food 16:15 until drink dessert 16:30)

State in the shop

The shooting corner that actually reproduced masterpiece "Artist's Bedroom at Arles" of Gogh realistically.
I can actually experience the world of Gogh drawn in the picture as I can enter the room.
Gogh "Artist's Bedroom at Arles"
The work about the room of popular name "yellow house" the second-floor Gogh whom there was in Arles of south France. In an atelier on "yellow house" the first floor, Gogh created many works including "Sunflower" and worked hard at work production with Gauguin whom I invited to Arles.
Gogh creates three points of works of the same name, and you can see a work of the Musée d'Orsay possession in this museum.
The yellow cafe-terrace seat which imaged "the night cafe-terrace" that Gogh described.
Gogh "night cafe-terrace"
※There is no display in this museum

Sweets for a limited time

It is from October 1, 2020 to November 29
30 meals-limited a day
Homemade Cezanne with apple pie vanilla ice cream 700 yen
For masterpiece "Apples and Oranges of Cezanne," I baked it to the apple pie which I wrapped in finish, a specialite de la maison cookie dough with the moderate sweetness of apple and acidity, a texture and a fragrance of the cinnamon that I did well. It is the seasonally limited sweets which I attached a homemade vanilla ice cream to.
Cezanne "Apples and Oranges"
The work which it is said to that completeness is the highest for the composition in one of the still-life pictures which assumed the fruit which I dealt with much a motif chromatically. I arrest a motif from plural viewpoints and I let you mix and describe it in the triangle composition that assumed an apple a top in central compote.


Province-style herb chicken (with bread) 1,200 yen
I attach source Tokushima sudachi of the fresh suite basil to spicy grass-flavored soft chicken and grilled seasonal vegetables, and it is fragrant, and is it rich?
Soup (with bread) 1,200 yen of Sunflower salad and seasonal vegetables
I inlaid marinated roast chicken and colorful vegetables with sunflower seeds and the Parmesan cheese which I baked crisply. Please with "soup to eat" and the set of a good vegetables.
Thick-sliced bacon and frank sausage (with bread) 1,200 yen

Mashed potato and the herb vegetables which are creamy in fleshy bacon and specially made Frankfurt. Have it in a mustard sauce.
Smoked salmon sandwich 950 yen
The Maas dam cheese which is high in popularity in the cheese kingdom Netherlands and the affinity of the smoked salmon are outstanding!
Roast beef sandwich 950 yen

With roast beef and seasonal vegetables, it is sand in a cheese source. The volume is plentiful.
Big yellow pudding 650 yen of Gogh
12cm in diameter! Traditional custard pudding.
Caramel waffle coffee 450 yen
A Netherlands baked confectionery strike rope waffle and a set of coffee.
When ride a waffle on the cup, and soften it by the steam, and eat; ... re.fatty a caramel
Green smoothie yellow smoothie for each 600 yen

I am refreshed with the seasonal vegetables of the Tokushima product and a smoothie using the fruit!
(in all, tax-included)

Menu list

In addition, there is a menu.
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