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Basic Information

Museum Hours of Operation
Museum Holidays
On Monday (closed the next day when Monday is a public holiday)
The museum will be closed consecutively after the New Year Holiday in January, Other than that special museum holidays, The museum will be open throughout August.
Museum Admissions Fee (All prices include tax)
General 3,300 yen 
University student 2,200 yen 
Elementary, junior high and senior high school students 550 yen

・Admission tickets are on sale until 16 pm
・Re-entry is possible only on the same day. Please be sure to inform us when leaving.
・20% discount for groups of 10 or more people
・If you are a student, please present your student ID when entering the building.
University students are considered those at national/public/private universities, independent administrative educational institutions and educational institutions
・One person with a disability certificate (*) (paid admission for elementary, junior high and high school students and above) and one accompanying person will receive a half-price discount on the same-day ticket.
On the day, after the home screen presentation of disability certificate or the disability certificate application "mirairo ID", please purchase it in museum ticket sales area (9:30-16:00)
※A guest with a physical disability notebook, nursing notebook (protection notebook, notebook of the love, green notebook), a mental disability health welfare notebook, or an A-bomb victim notebook (health handbook of an A-bomb victim)
・Discounts cannot be applied multiple times. 
・Entry from the main entrance is only by escalator approximately 40m long.
For guests using a wheelchair or worried about the use of the escalator, we will provide alternative entry into the building, so please contact us
・Admission fees may be waived for faculty and staff members who lead school events, depending on the number of students.


Smoking is prohibited in the entire building
Smoking is strictly prohibited on the premises of the museum (including the parking lot) [including heat-not-burning and electronic cigarettes]
You cannot bring in food.
Pets other than service dogs are not allowed.
Strobes, flashes, tripods, etc. cannot be used.
(Use for commercial purposes is strictly prohibited)


Land area: 66,630 
Building area: 9,282
Floor area: 29,412 (8,897 Tsubo)
Construction: Reinforced concrete, with part steel frames
Number of floors: 5 floors underground, 3 floors aboveground
Architect: Sakakura Associates
Construction: Takenaka Corporation
Opened: 1998 (Heisei 10)/3/21
Tokushima, Naruto City, Naruto Town, Naruto Park
Tel 088-687-3737
Fax 088-687-1117

Otsuka Museum of Art Museum Identity

Otsuka Museum of Artシンボル
The visual identity we have introduced since our opening 7 years ago.
The theme color is Lapis lazuli blue, which is highly valued as an extravagant color even among Western masterpieces. Also, the logo represents the ″ceramic board masterpiece collections″ collected by the Otsuka Museum of Art from all over the world.
This blue color is being used extensively in numerous collections representing the Otsuka Museum of Art. For example, many portraits such as Jan Vermeer’s ″Girl with a Pearl Earring″ and the Virgin Mary, are said to be impossible to create without lapis lazuli.
Furthermore, this color means ″over the sea,″ and is also called ″ultramarine blue.″ Surely, the fact that visitors can see many magnificent masterpieces from across the ocean while in Japan speaks for the Otsuka Museum of Art’s idealism.
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