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Café de Giverny (B2F)

Second basement floor Café de Giverny
A cafe full of nature overlooking the Monet's pond on the second basement floor. Please spend a time with cake and drink.
We also offer light meals such as curry and rice bowls.
Opening hours: 10:30-16:00 (food menu until 14:30)

Sweets for a limited time

Harmony parfait
It is seasonally limited until March 31, 2021
With strawberry of the Tokushima product
oishiiii! I appeal for this
Dorayaki set (with the Awa evening tea) 600 yen of Munch
The harmony sweets that is the art of the favorable reception every year. Bean jam and the over-optimism of An Ogura are affinity preeminence with the sweet-sour strawberry in naruto iron. With additive-free cake which Awa evening tea and a long-established store of Tokushima where had been got close to in the Tokushima for a long time made with the traditional manufacturing method carefully.
Unintentionally "oishiiii ...!" and a branding iron of crying Munch mysterious; do it, and is pretty this museum original sweets.
Harmony parfait
Munch "Scream"
The work which it was described in by the true experience "that heard the big Scream which ran through nature without being over" when Munch walked with a friend. The mouth of the central person greatly opens lengthwise, and himself seems to cry, but is doing both hands when I will not hear expectation, Scream of nature in an ear.


Sea bream broiling bowl (with miso soup, Konomono, vice-Aya) 1,000 yen
Venus curry 1,000 yen
Chicken katsudon 1,000 yen of the Awa tail chicken  
※All include a consumption tax 
※The photograph is an image

Menu list

In addition, there is a menu.
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