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Café de Giverney (B2F)

The 2F basement Café de Giverny 
A cafe full of nature looking at the 2F basement pond.With a cake and a drink, please spend some time between viewing art.
Curry and light meals also available.
Business hours 10:30-16:00 (Food menu sold at 15:00  
250 seats

Limited time menu

 2023From 7/19(Wed)~ 11/30(Thurs) 
vermeer lunch 1,500 yen (tax-included)
Enjoy while thinking about Vermeer's hometown Holland!

Traditional cuisine from Vermeer's hometown HollandA specially arranged menu.

Demi-glace sauce goes great with tender beef loin!We also recommend adding lemon and butter to the bread to change the taste.


Whirling current seafood bowl (with seafood soup seasoned with salt, salad, Konomono, the tea) 1,500 yen
Venus curry 1,100 yen
Today's sweets set (with drink) 900 yen or more
Today's sweets (individual) 450 yen or more

※All include a consumption tax 
※The photograph is an image

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