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During the season of fresh greenery, we want you to enjoy the beautiful green, thick, and delicious Naruto wakame! and
From Tuesday, 2024/5/14 to Sunday, 6/30“I love Naruto seaweed so much I could drown in it, Naruto wakame doubling campaign!”It will be held.
During the period, popular menu Uzushio Kaisendon (B2F Cafe de Giverny) Shio soup,
The amount of seaweed in the miso soup of Naruto Sashimi Set Meal and Sea Bream Broiled Rice Bowl (1F Restaurant Garden) is twice as much as usual!

Naruto wakame, a specialty of Tokushima, is grown in the violent torrents that create Naruto's whirlpools, and is characterized by its chewy texture and delicious flavor.
In addition, wakame is rich in nutrients that are often lacking, such as dietary fiber, minerals such as potassium and calcium, and vitamins.
Please relish.

Target menu

Whirling current seafood bowl
1,500 yen

Naruto sashimi set meal
2,000 yen

Grilled sea bream bowl
1,500 yen

Check SNS for the latest information!

※Both events remove Museum Holidays
※I change the Events by the situation and may stop
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