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There is the Otsuka Museum of Art to the naruto which is full of a doorway, the highlight of Shikoku from Honshu. Daring Naruto Whirlpools!
The sea bream produced here has a firm body and is popular if very delicious. In addition, a whirlpool is the ground of the starting point of the visiting 88 places of Shikoku.
In addition, there are many tourist attractions including Otani ware, a German hall, the building of the indigo plant.

Do you not see the sights of the whirlpool where is full of the highlight on a calling by all means?

Around Naruto Park

It is "the promenade on the sea" of 450 meters in length established in the bridge girder space of Onaruto Bridge. In the scenic dome of the tip, a floor becomes fitted with glass, and you can see a whirling current from an altitude of 45 meters.
The Onaruto Bridge bridging Memorial
The facilities which opened in commemoration of bridging of Onaruto Bridge. A display theme can enjoy "a whirlpool" and "a bridge" both children and adults. I adopted experience-based digital attractions in March, 2018 and was reopened.
Esukaroppu leech Naruto
It is an escalator for the sightseeing proud of pitch differences and Yoichi Azuma (34 meters) to. Please to the observation deck which can overlook Naruto Park.
Whirling current steamship
It is a small high-speed watching the tide ship. For necessary about 20 minutes, it sails every 30 minutes.
Uzushio-kanchosen (Naruto sightseeing steamship)
For necessary about 30 minutes, there is the water watching the tide ship of the start on a voyage (all flight reservations system) every 30 minutes every 40 minutes for large watching the tide ship of the start on a voyage and necessary about 25 minutes.
Mt. Narita halo temple
I say Mt. Narita Tokushima outbuilding halo temple formally and enshrine a divided divine spirit of daihonsannaridensanshinshojihonsonfudomeio. I accept a New Year's visit to a Shinto shrine, a Setsubun bean-scattering ceremony, the wish accomplishment, midaishuju* by the fair goma prayer, road safety prayer, the life consultation.

Sightseeing spot of the Naruto-shi

Naruto-shi Germany building
There was the prisoners' camp which accommodated the German soldier who became a captive in World War I in Naruto once. It is this camp that the ninth of Beethoven was played for the first time in Japan. In the German hall, the friendship that arose between people of soldier and Naruto of Germany was built near the camp ruins to tell in history.
・The nearest station: JR Naruto Line, Bando Station Naruto municipal bus: Oasa Line, German hall stop
▮ Otani ware
What *butsushibuneimon of the country (current Oita) of Bungo which came to the pilgrim of the Shikoku 88 point hallowed ground made with the red earth of Kanigaya in here Otani village in 1780 (Yasunaga 9) to be late in the Edo era is said to be the origin.
・The nearest station: JR Naruto Line, Awa-Otani Station Naruto municipal bus: Oasa Line, Otani stop
▮ Sacred mountain temple
I am informed it when I did the open basis by a Buddhist priest bank group as a dojo studio of the Emperor Shomu Imperial prayer in the Tenpyo year. It is the starting point of the visiting Shikoku 88 places sacred place got close to "the first" and is full of pilgrims throughout the year.
・The nearest station: JR Bando Station Naruto municipal bus: Oasa Line, sacred mountain Teramae stop
The stadium which is the base of sports of the Tokushima becomes the home game stadium of Tokushima Vortis. I am located the southeast of JR Naruto Station, and an electric signboard is installed between the back stands and the away goal back. In addition, all the back stands become the lawn seat, and there is watching sports relaxedly.

Sightseeing spot of Hyogo, Awajishima

Hill of Awaji farm park England
The park is divided into the Greenhill area where a rare koala of south origin lives in and the England area where scenery of the Lake Country of the U.K. spreads. I can enjoy the handmade experience-based classrooms such as the making of homemade gourmet and bread, the crop experience at the vegetable garden, the contact of the small animal and seasonal flowers. In addition, the open spaces of the play are popular and can enjoy a natural rich quiet atmosphere.
Whirling current Cruise
Sightseeing in Naruto Channel whirling current is whirling current Cruise sen**gan of Awajishima
Awaji doll seat
There was a large and small dolls seat in Awajishima from the early days of the Edo era to the beginning of the Showa era and performed not only Awaji Shimauchi but also the whole country and conveyed the charm of the puppet ballad drama. An Awaji doll seat succeeds to tools of one Toru Yoshida Jiro-za of the large seat of the inside and performs it publicly.
Roadside Station whirling current
The Roadside Station that overlooks the whirling current under eyes. I can enjoy the seasonal dishes which kept fresh fishery products and seasonal foods of "awaji island burger" which won the first place and the second place by national local burger Grand Prix and Awajishima alive.

Guidance of the general sightseeing homepage

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setouchi Museum network
In the JB book four Highway, I carry out "setouchi Museum network" networking local Art Gallery and Museum in Seto business.
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