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Restaurant & Cafe Shop

[About the business hours of each eating place]
2023/9/12 (Tuesday) and 13th (Wednesday)

From 2023/9/14 (Thursday), the following 3 stores will be open

*For business hours and menus, please check the details page of each restaurant.
※I may change a period.

We would appreciate your understanding.

2023/9/10 update
*Open every day from 2023/9/14 (Thursday) (Updated 2023/9/10)
The first floor of the annex restaurant garden
Business hours 11:30-14:00 
※Last order 14:00
The 2F basement Café de Giverny
Business hours  10:30-16:00 (as for the sale of the food menu until 15:00)

*Open every day from 9/14 (Thursday) (Updated 2023/9/1)
The 3rd-floor Café Vincent under the ground
Business hours 14:00-16:30
※Last order 16:30
The third-floor museum shop under the ground
Business hours 9:30-17:00

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