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"Privacy Policy"

"Privacy Policy"

I focus on the Otsuka art foundation Otsuka Museum of Art dealing with the personal information of the customer appropriately, and protecting it and, based on the following privacy policies, will try for personal information protection.

1. The acquisition and the use of the personal information

This museum acquires the personal information by legitimate and fair means. I notify you of the use purpose or announce it unless it is based on laws and ordinances when I acquire personal information and handle it within the use purpose.

2. Management, protection of the personal information

This museum tries to keep correct content about the personal information that they acquired. In the handling, have unjust access, and leak out, and is lost, and come; for prevention such as loss, the manipulation is appropriate; take safety measures. When I consign a privacy policy to a third party, I make a contract for secret maintenance about the personal information and perform necessary and appropriate supervision for safety management of the personal information.

3. Offer to a third party

Such as cases to need it for protection of human life, a body or the property when this museum is based on laws and ordinances will not contribute personal information to the third party without the agreement of the person unless is special.

4. Disclosure, correction, suspension, complaint, consultation

This museum will cope quickly after having confirmed that it is the person when there are proposals such as disclosure, a correction, suspension, a complaint, the consultation from the person about your personal information. But is remarkable for the administration of duties when might hurt life, body of the person or the third party, right of the property Other than that or profit; when will violate laws and ordinances when might affect it, please note that may not disclose all or.

5. Legal compliance and continuous improvement

I perform a review about the system and management so that I observe an applied personal information protection-related laws and ordinances and model in a privacy policy and am carried out effectively and act for continuous improvement.
April 1, 2022 revision
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