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Online Tickets

On a visit, please read the following by all means.
※There is the possibility that the opening situation changes by the situation of the new coronavirus infectious disease.
※I may set a limit to entrance at the time of the congestion.
Museum Admissions Fee Online Tickets Same-day ticket
Adults 3,160 yen 3,300 yen
University students 2,140 yen 2,200 yen
Konaka High School student 530 yen 550 yen
A change, cancellation, the refund after the purchase is not possible. You check procedure content well, and please purchase it.
※On entering a building, please show the bar code (QR cord) of the ticket by all means. With an application number and the serial number, you cannot enter it.
For notification when the infected person of the new coronavirus infectious disease occurred in this museum, I use personal information (① full name ② contact information) that had you input at the time of the Online Tickets purchase only for an offer, the notification to the public institutions such as public health centers. I do not use it outside the purpose.
The trouble with acquisition, the ticket which I purchased occurs by resale and a non-regular route. The ticket hopes that you purchase it in a regular sales system by all means to prevent damage.
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