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"Otsuka Museum of Art" is a "sue board masterpiece museum" that was founded in Naruto City, Tokushima, by the Otsuka Group for their 75th anniversary, and holds the largest public exhibit space in Japan (total floor area of 29,412㎡).

Within the museum, we have replicated many western masterpieces using special techniques from Otsuka Ohmi Ceramics Co., Ltd.; from ancient murals selected by 6 committee members, to modern paintings displayed across 26 countries in 190 art museums, totaling more than 1,000 pieces, at the same size as the originals. Visitors can gain a true taste of the artistic value of the original pieces, and experience a world art museum without leaving Japan.
 Moreover, while the original works are subject to fading and deterioration due to recent pollution, earthquakes and fires, our ceramic reproductions retain their color and form for more than two thousand years, making a significant contribution to the recording and preservation of cultural properties.

We have also undertaken ground-breaking endeavors such as reproducing the Guernica canvas, now considered too fragile to move, and reconstructing an El Greco altarpiece whose pieces were dispersed in wartime. The museum has received numerous endorsements and compliments from Picasso’s son, as well as gallery directors and curators from around the world who visited Japan to inspect our collection of over one thousand pieces.

Both technically and conceptually, the Otsuka Museum of Art can be regarded as a pioneering and truly unique art museum.

Otsuka Museum of Art Director Ichiro Otsuka

Painting Academics Committee (as of 2017/8)

Masanori Aoyagi - The University of Tokyo, emeritus professor of ancient times, chairperson
Hisako Koike - Kokugakuin University professor of Middle Ages
Shigetoshi Osano - University of Tokyo emeritus professor of Renaissance
Yasujiro Otaka - Waseda University emeritus professor of Baroque
Nobuyuki Senzoku - Seijo University emeritus professor of modern times
Shunsuke Kijima - Kyoritsu Women's University emeritus professor of present age
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