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Appreciation route about 4 kilos! The art museum which can come across a world masterpiece

The first Otsuka Museum of Art

[announcement of stop, closure]
Saturday, April 10, 2021 ... for the time being
■The third-floor "cafe Vincent" under the ground will be closed.

For the time being
■"Restaurant garden" above the ground on the first floor closure
※The second-floor "Café de Giverny" under the ground is open

■Various Gallery Presentations tour stops

I would appreciate your understanding.
※I may change a period.

May 18, 2021 update
The Otsuka Museum of Art reappears, and it displays about 1,000 points of Western masterpieces which the art museum of more than 190 of the world in 26 countries possesses from the ancient times to the present age to the actual size with Sue board. The appreciation root is about 4 kilos! When the most of the building are in the mountain and go up the escalator of about 40m from the entrance, it is the's first floor B3 floor of the appreciation regular route.

About a display method

As for about 1,000 points of Ceramic Art Board from the ancient times displaying it to the present age, it is from three of [theme display] in the Otsuka Museum of Art [Historical Reconstructions] [system display] to have it is deeper and understand Western art happily.
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