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Floor Map

The Otsuka Museum of Art has most of the building in a mountain.
It is the first floor B3 floor of the appreciation regular route when it goes up the escalator of about 40m from the entrance.
 ◇The work list is this
 ◇Three unique display methods are this

The B3 floor ancient - Middle Ages

I display "the Historical Reconstructions" which reproduced local space entirely and a work of ancient - Middle Ages.
In addition, information and a museum shop are on the B3 floor, and there are rental of wheelchair and stroller, the rental corner of the sound guide.
◇ Museum Facilities: Wheelchair, stroller, nursing room, multi-function restroom, coin locker
◇ Museum shop 9:30~17:00
◇ Café Vincent 10:00~16:45
(until food menu 16:15 until drink dessert 16:30)
※I may be changed for the business hours.

B2 floor renaissance - baroque

The B2 floor is display of renaissance - baroque, outdoor display: Water Lilies,
In addition, there is a cafe.
10:30-16:00 (until food menu 14:30)
※I may be changed for the business hours.

B1F baroque - modern times

The B1 floor has modern works such as Munch Goya "The Black Paintings" and Monet, Renoir, Millet, Gogh "Seven Series Sunflowers".

The 1F 2F present age, theme display

The floor overlooking the garden above the ground is divided into the main building and an annex.
[the main building]
 Show floor (the present age and theme display)
Restaurant, open space (utility room)
11:00-15:30 (15:00 last order)
※I may be changed for the business hours.
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