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A new photo spot has appeared inside the facility!

Flower Art Wall
Dreaming Rococo
A new photo spot inspired by the masterpiece ``Portrait of Madame Pompadour'' by Boucher, a painter representing the heyday of Rococo art.has appeared.
Matching Madame Pompadour's gorgeous dressPink roses, dahlias, and ranunculusApproximately 1 millionUses art flowers.
elegant decoration couch sofaPlease sit down and enjoy a commemorative photo.

[setting period]
 Tuesday, 2024/4/9...
[setting place]
 the 2nd floor of the basement renaissance entrance

A portrait representative of the elegant and gorgeous Rococo art.

François Boucher
《Portrait of Madame Pompadour》

Owned by the Wallace Collection (UK)
on the 1 basement floor Exhibition room 61
Madame Pompadour, the mistress of King Louis XV of France, was known for her generous protection of literary figures and artists, and contributed to the development of Rococo art. The painter Boucher gained her patronage as he produced gobelins for her castle, and she became one of Madame de Pompadour's favorite painters, teaching her painting and giving her artistic advice. did.

This work was painted when Madame Pompadour was 38 years old, and shows her wearing a gorgeous dress posing in the flower-filled garden of her residence. Boucher painted her many times, and his portraits of her were popular in the social circles of the time.


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