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I want people of the world to know Otsuka Museum of Art formula idol "Pega-chan" from Tokushima!
"Pega-chan recognition campaign to improve" is held by thought called this.

I distribute the original sticker which had collaboration with an artist (illustrator) playing an active part in many aspects with a limitation of 60 pieces of 1st.
As for the first, an An Coa of the illustrator who dealt with package design of GODIVA comes up!
Slightly always different Pega-chan expressed for various views of the world, please pay attention from now on.


A formal idol of the Otsuka Museum of Art.
I am born in the blue sea of Naruto on June 23 (day of the super moon).
The character hates to lose and is full of curiosity! (a slightly short-tempered place sometimes a wound).

The Pega-chan details are this

"Pega-chan" that the first An Coa designed it

Nice to meet you, everybody. It is An Coa of the illustrator. I became the lion of the animal to Pega-chan, too.
I left a color of the lapis lazuli blue that was a theme color of the Otsuka Museum of Art for eyes this time and described it in a fantastic atmosphere with rainbow color.
Pega-chan  I drew is a guide of the picture. I love to guide everybody while jumping into the world of the picture.

I was moved that I visited the Otsuka Museum of Art for the first time when it was a clean, warm place. It was the best part so that a lot of discovery watched it by the force that I totally jumped into in a picture in the picture which I could appreciate close. And I thought about having own heart or not that I tended to forget while I touched the masterpiece.
I think in this way. When strong power do not hide it in the thing which exists to a dream and hope and the eyes which said some other time though invisible so as to know it if I know the reality.
That is because I think that there of own possibility and something important can imagine.
That complies with what's called heart. I think that I know a lot of cruel things when I become an adult. Originally the heart to beat fast with something which there would be may be veiled. But I think that such despair coexists as well as the paint set that a large number of colors became one place in this world.
I think that you describe it and should make up for a heart with the thought called various feelings as paint. One of the place that can remember those existence is right Otsuka Museum of Art. It will be to be a chance to touch many pictures here, and to think about something. At first, it is somehow good. I want you to notice existence of the thought that is buried in thought and oneself whom I describe it, and a hand put in a picture successive, and faded.
And the most important thing do not be seized only with a bright color too much here. I know that mind has various colors and am that I exist to own mind to eyes for a color even if invisible. I check having existence or not by oneself, and I think that there is value in thinking about that by oneself very much.

An Coa

The breeding born in Malaysia in Japan, an artist of the Vietnamese nationality.
I am good at expression with the two-facedness with a different style. I search self-expression while I play an active part as a designer.
He has the unique side in minority. Tangle in the interval and unique breeding produce two-facedness and draw an illustration with a genderless view of the world.
The artist who and distinguishes himself/herself delicately by delivering a work full of stories to SNS.

"Pega-chan sticker" present which An Coa designed!
▲Sticker image
[period] From Saturday, July 6, 2024 to Sunday, September 29
[distribution place] The third-floor information under the ground
Say, "I saw Pega-chan of an An coa!by the third-floor information under the ground♪ 

※60 pieces-limited, article not for sale a day. It is finished per person as soon as one piece disappears.

The second artist Coming Soon...

 The third artist Coming Soon...

※I change the Events by the situation and may stop.
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