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Otsuka Museum of Art Idol "Pega-chan"

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Pega-chan profile

Child "Pega-chan" of Pegasus based on an art museum logo color.
Because father of Pegasus which came up in a Greek myth was God Poseidon of the sea, and God Muses (the etymology of "the museum") of literary arts kept Pegasus, I chose you as a character appropriate for the Otsuka Museum of Art facing the sea.

◎Pega-chan profile

The place that was born     The blue sea of Naruto
Birthday       Day of the moon super on 6/23
Character       I hate to lose and am full of curiosity
       (a slightly short-tempered place sometimes wound...)
Hobby       Viewing paintings, surfing SNS, art cosplay, dancing
Special ability       As for the knowledge about the Western picture, pretense is well-read.
       "By the way", I tend to show knowledge, and to take the mount.
        Escapism (a shell is full)
Dream       Having people of the world know the Otsuka Museum of Art
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The place where I live in    Otsuka Museum of Art

Pega-chan goods

Sorry to have kept you waiting
Goods featuring the museum idol “Pega-chan” are now available!

In response to the voice of the customer, "there should be Pega-chan goods!", it is the appearance of long-awaited new goods☆
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