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SNS Dance Challenge “#pegachallenge” Application Terms

Of the Otsuka Museum of Art (following, "this museum") "SNS dance challengeBefore applying for “#pegachallenge” (hereinafter referred to as “this project”), please be sure to read how to participate and these terms and conditions.Please note that participants in this project (hereinafter referred to as "participants") are deemed to have agreed to all of these terms and conditions.

Participation method

①Otsuka Museum of ArtOfficial instagram@otsukamuseum or official TikTok@otsukamuseum.
② Select the sound source of Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra “Paradise Has No Border feat. Sakana-kun [2020 Remaster]”
③ Post a dance challenge video with the hashtag “#pegachallenge”
※The contribution of the account secrecy is the outside targeted for application.
*When applying, please be sure to read the "SNS Dance Challenge '#pegachallenge' Application Terms and Conditions" below.

SNS Dance Challenge “#pegachallenge” Application Terms

About application
  • The contribution of the account secrecy is the outside targeted for application
  • Videos to be submitted must be submitted for which the subject of the video has received permission to apply.
Regarding correspondence after application
  • About the application situation and the successful right or wrong, I cannot answer. Thank you for your understanding beforehand
  • About a contribution applied for, I may use it in this museum WEB site, SNS
  • When it applies to it below, I may cancel the application
(1) When application and a false mention that I pretend to be another person are accepted
(2) When the application by the unjust method is accepted
(3) When unjust application is recognized in the past when I have been
(4) When I judge that Other than that, this museum cannot consent to application
About winning
  • Otsuka Museum of Art will inform an elected candidate by a direct message (following, "DM")
  • When it is judged that an elected candidate is in condition not to be able to receive DM after DM transmission when I do not get through within three days, I invalidate election
  • If the customer is unable to receive the product due to a change of address, unknown address, absence, etc., the winning bid may be invalidated.
Other precautions
  • The museum is not responsible for any losses, liabilities, damages, expenses, or other claims arising from participating in this project or winning.
  • If participants cause damage to or suffer damage from a third party due to their participation in this project, they will be responsible for compensating for the damage caused to the third party at their own expense and responsibility. or claim against the other party for damages incurred by a third party.Our museum is not involved in any of these disputes and assumes no responsibility.
  • If a participant violates these terms or engages in illegal acts and causes damage to the museum when participating in this project, the museum will be required to compensate for all damages incurred.
  • Internet communication charges and connection charges will be borne by the customer.
  • An application period and prize contents may be changed by unavoidable convenience of this museum
Regarding suspension or cancellation of this project
If any of the following occur, this project may be temporarily suspended or canceled without prior notice.
  • When maintenance of the system of this project is carried out regularly or urgently.
  • If it becomes impossible to provide this project due to a system malfunction, etc.
  • If it becomes impossible to provide this project due to fire, power outage, etc.
  • If it becomes impossible to provide this project due to a natural disaster such as an earthquake or tsunami.
  • If it is determined that it is necessary to suspend or cancel this project due to operational or technical reasons.
Even if the provision of this project is delayed, interrupted, or canceled due to reasons other than those listed above, the museum will not be responsible for any damages incurred by participants or third parties as a result of this. Masu

About successful announcement

Posts from 2023/10/24 (Tuesday) to 10/31 (Wednesday)
Announced in early November 
Posts from 2023/11/1 (Wednesday) to 11/30 (Thursday)
Announced in early November
Posts from 2023/12/1 (Friday) to 12/31 (Sunday)
Announced in early 2024/1
Posts from 2024/1/1 (Monday/Holiday) to 1/31 (Wednesday)
Announced in early 2024/2
Posts from 2024/2/1 (Thursday) to 2/29 (Thursday)
Announced in early 2024/3
Posts from 2024/3/1 (Friday) to 3/31 (Sunday)
Announced in early 2024/4

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