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Brain activity with world masterpieces!
February 2023, 9 (Friday) - March 1, 2024 (Sunday)
Brain activity panel of "Woman Sitting in Front of a Virginal" (additional exhibition from July 2023, 7) painted by Vermeer, a representative painter of the Netherlands"world of masterpiece which they drew! @Otsuka Museum of Art"comes up. Seven different places are in the picture which I displayed from side to side. I activate brain by search for mistake happily!

[Installation period] 2023/9/1 (Friday) to 2024/3/31 (Sunday)
[setting place] Information neighborhood under the ground on the 3rd floor

After the challenge, appreciate the details of the full-size ceramic plate masterpiece!
Vermeer's last work

2nd Basement Floor Exhibition Room 54 Vermeer "Woman Sitting at the Virginal" National Gallery collection (England)
Illuminated by the light shining through a window hidden behind the curtains, a woman plays a virginal (a small keyboard instrument similar to a harpsichord) and looks at us with a smile on her face.


A viola da gamba without a player placed in the foreground as if inviting the viewer to join in an ensemble, suggests the presence of a man playing together.

For painters of the time, musical instruments were one of the motifs that symbolized "love" between men and women, and musical instruments and music were used to express love.

Go on a journey to see Vermeer's works scattered around the world!

Of the 37 works by Vermeer, you can see 10 of them all in one place at this museum.

10 masterpieces of Vermeer gathered together in one place  Details here
B2F Exhibition Room 54 Vermeer Gallery

Otsuka Museum of Art10 works by Vermeer that can be admired at
The possession name
Little Street, Delft
Rijksmuseum, the Netherlands
View of Delft
Mauritshuis, the Netherlands
Girl with a Pearl Earring (girl of the blue turban)
Mauritshuis, the Netherlands
Woman Reading a Letter
Rijksmuseum, the Netherlands
Interior with a Maidservant Pouring Milk
Rijksmuseum, the Netherlands
The woman who stands before a virginal
The National Gallery, the U.K.
Daughter having a wineglass 
Herzog Anton Ulrich Museum, Germany
Staedel, Germany
woman sitting in front of virginal
The National Gallery, the U.K. *Additional exhibition from 2023/7/11
1090music practicelondon, royal collection *Additional exhibition from 2023/10/7

The list of exhibits is  here

Johannes Vermeer
Born in Delft, Holland in 1632. At the age of 21 he began his career as a painter and is also a member of the board of directors of the Delft Painters Guild.He depicts everyday life in a room with themes such as letters, music, and love. left. After his death in 1675 at the age of 43, his work gradually fell into oblivion, but was revived in the 19th century.His total number of attributed works is said to be about 37.


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