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The museum staff will use a microphone to give an overview of the museum and introduce the Sistine Hall.
Reservations are not required.Please gather at the Sistine Hall on the 3rd basement floor according to your time.

[Opening days] Every day *Excluding days when the museum is closed⇒Museum Calendar
[Start time] Weekdays 9:40/11:00/13:15 (about 15 minutes each)
     Holidays and Weekends 9:40/10:30/11:30/12:45/13:45/14:30(about 15 minutes)

[meeting place] The 3rd-floor Sistine Hall under the ground 
     *Please sit on the bench and wait.

*Please join us at intervals between customers.
*Information in Japanese only

The work of the more than 1000 pieces is displayed from the 3rd floor under the ground to the 2nd floor above the ground for about 4km

Because the most of the building are in the basement, it becomes the large facilities than the appearance. Come with footwear comfortable to walk in.

You can see it in display work numerical order when I will advance along a brown arrow (left-hand figure) shown on the floor.
※By the situation, it may become a change, the stop.
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