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My hobby is an art costume play☆
Pegger tchino photo spot
The second "Pegacchi with a pearl earring"
Otsuka Museum of Art Official character pega tchi
The second art cosplay is with a blue and yellow turban
Transform into that girl with pearl earrings!

[Period] From 2022/7/20 (Wed)
[Place] Centre Hall under the ground on the 3rd floor

Vermeer's "Girl with a Pearl Earring"The 2 floor under the ground Vermeer gallery

Pegacchi with blue and yellow turban and earrings
pegatchi profile

Child "pegger tchi" of Pegasus based on an art museum logo color.
Because father of Pegasus which came up in a Greek myth was God Poseidon of the sea, and God Muses (the etymology of "the museum") of literary arts kept Pegasus, I chose you as a character appropriate for the Otsuka Museum of Art facing the sea.

◎Pegger tchi profile

The place that was born     The blue sea of Naruto
Birthday       Day of the moon super on 6/23
Size       About 100cm
Character       I hate to lose and am full of curiosity
       (a slightly short-tempered place sometimes wound...)
Hobby       Picture appreciation, SNS surfing,Art costume play
Special ability       As for the knowledge about the Western picture, pretense is well-read.
       By the way, I have a habit of showing off my knowledge and taking a mount.
        Escapism (a shell is full)
Dream       Having people of the world know the Otsuka Museum of Art
Like it   I click the like button on what is praised, a contribution of SNS Get this
The place where I live in    Otsuka Museum of Art

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