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The Otsuka Museum of Art is presenting Events of 2021 under the theme of "the art museum which can come across a world masterpiece". I suggest the art experience that a keyword can taste "Make Me Happy!" for the third only here. Do you not spend 1st to make you happy in Otsuka Museum of Art in autumn of the art?
I make a round trip of the Seine with a masterpiece
From Paris to the north France Normandy district, it is Events in autumn to enjoy a masterpiece to take a trip to the ground related to the painters of the Impressionists scattering along the Seine. Departure from river Cruise hesaa!
It is "it is a masterpiece Seine tour" in detail 

It is nokatsu with a world masterpiece! @ Otsuka Museum of Art
nokatsu panel of the Vermeer product "Interior with a Maidservant Pouring Milk" "Girl with a Pearl Earring" comes out.
I compare the left right and activate brain by search for seven mistakes happily!
[setting period] From Wednesday, September 1, 2021 to Thursday, March 31, 2022
[setting place] Information neighborhood under the ground on the third floor

Vermeer "Interior with a Maidservant Pouring Milk" Rijksmuseum possession (the Netherlands)
Vermeer "Girl with a Pearl Earring" Mauritshuis possession (the Netherlands)

 From Friday, October 1, 2021 to Friday, December 31 for a limited time
   Autumn sweets "Maimon durian" which is art 1,000 yen
30-limited a day
Your sweets "Maimon durian" which you make
Sweets appear in autumn reflecting the image of a picture of the Netherlands painter Mondrian reaching birth 150 years in March, 2022.
Sweets "Maimon durian" only for you whom I liken the Belgian waffle that butter is fragrant to a canvas, and you make with three kinds of syrup (strawberry, apple, mango), homemade ice cream, chocolate pen if I decorate it is completion!

[business hours] 10:30-16:00

How to make of the sweets "Maimon durian"

Mondrian "red, yellow, blue composition" Hague City art museum possession (the Netherlands)

Let's post \ finished photograph with "# Maimon durian"! /
SNS photo contest "This is my Mondrian" holding

If "Maimon durian" sweets are completed, let's post it on SNS with hashtag "# Maimon durian". I present three points of original goods to "nice Mondrian prize" for each three people a month (nine people in total) during a period. Aim, a nice Mondrian prize!

Original desk calendar 2022 990 yen

I put 12 points of popular works including Vermeer and the Mondrian together in a season and, including gorgeous Klimt "Kiss", select it. I enjoy a masterpiece and am the planned convenient 2WAY type that I can write.
[business hours] 9:30-17:00   
※I sell even mail order, Amazon (only in Japan). Forgive me on a sellout.

※On a visit, please read << approach for relief, security >> of the homepage by all means.
※I change the Events by the situation and may stop.
※The price is all tax-included.
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