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Business of the 20th anniversary of the opening

All Gogh product "Sunflower of the vase" seven points gather from the world
Seven Sunflower Pieces recreated to actual size on ceramic board
Thank you, on 2018/3/21 the Otsuka Museum of Art reached the opening 20th anniversary.
It is Sue board and it reappears and establishes the new exhibition room in the first floor of the basement gallery from the same day and displays all "Sunflower" of the vase which Gogh drew as the commemorative project seven points to the actual size in one place.  

"The Sunflower" of Gogh got close to widely all over the world extends to several points of number 10 when I include the painting with watercolors. It is said that there are seven points as for "the Sunflower" which entered the vase soon in total, and the currently works scatter in the Netherlands, Japan, Germany, the U.K., the United States, an individual storehouse and all parts of the world.

This museum displayed Van Gogh Museum storehouse "Sunflower" from the beginning of opening, which was ever destroyed by fire by a blitzkrieg as additional display while being in Ashiya-shi, Hyogo in 2014/10, "The Sunflower" of the illusionhas been reproduced.

It is the groundbreaking attempt that is unique in the world to display seven "Sunflower" in one place this time and is the display that can fully thoroughly enjoy force and charm of the full-scale Ceramic Art Board.

"The Sunflower" of the vase of seven Gogh

The production yearThe possession nameSize (cm)
11888/Personal storehouse73 × 58
21888/Destroyed by fire in Ashiya-shi, Hyogo in 1945
※Displayed from 2014/10
98 × 69
31888/New Pinakothek, Germany91 × 72
41888/The National Gallery, the U.K.92.1 × 73
51889/SONPO Museum, Japan100.5 × 76.5
61889/Philadelphia Museum of Art, the United States92.4 × 71.1
71889/Van Gogh Museum, the Netherlands
※Displayed from 1998/3
95 × 73
※From the exhibition room left

Vincent van Gogh (1853-1890)

Born in 1853 in Zundert, a village in the southern part of the Netherlands, as the son of a clergyman, he aspired to become a clergyman, but he failed.He relied on his younger brother Theo, who was an art dealer, to go to Paris, and eventually to Arles in the south of France.He started living together with his best friend Gauguin in an atelier, but it broke down in two months.He died at the age of 27 by taking his own life in Auvers-sur-Oise. 

It is 4 pieces, the repeated cultivation consisting of 3 pieces described afterwards first that "the Sunflower" described the popular name which is going to do cohabitation with Gauguin to respect to decorate the atelier of "the yellow house" before Gauguin comes. For Gogh, the flower of the Sunflower is the sun and a symbol of the light, and it is reliable to have been the existence that is higher than a simple flower. It was the short painter life called 10 years, but, as "a painter of the Sunflower", the work is loved by many people.

4K display picture "six months of Sunflower and Arles of Gogh"

In front of the new exhibition room, 4K display picture is broadcasting "6 months of Sunflower and Arles of Gogh". I introduce the painter life of the turbulence of Gogh with a work and am the picture of about 15 minutes that I can know about "Sunflower" more deeply. It is Satoshi Hashimoto who the narration plays the part of Gogh in stage "Vincent Van Gogh" (2016), and became the topic.

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Born in Osaka in 1966. Theatrical company ☆New feeling line native place
Younger brother 22nd Yomiuri drama award excellence actor Prize receiving a prize
<TV> "style of professional - work" narration
<movie> The part of Disney/Pixar most new work "remember me" De La Cruz

I held ceremony and the unveiling ceremony of the new exhibition room

Prior to a general release of 2018/3/21, I hold ceremony and an unveiling ceremony on 3/20.
The domestic and foreign people concerned including the "Sunflower" which had you cooperate possession building attended on that day.
The report ishere 
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