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Business "Last Supper <after restoring it>" of the 5th anniversary of the opening additional display

In 2003, the Otsuka Museum of Art reached the opening 5th anniversary. It is full-scale reproduction of "the Last Supper" of the Leonardo da Vinci that restoration was completed as the commemorative project in 1999/5. I let you meet it with "Last Supper" before the beginning of opening restoration that you displayed, and an attempt only in this hotel which I displayed was realized. The expression of the character became clear, and this made possible comparison appreciation that result of the restoration including having become the beautiful color was compared.
Leonardo da Vinci "Last Supper <after restoring it>" 1495-98 420*910cm Santa Maria derre guratsuie monastery restaurant Milan

"Last Supper"

The Last Supper says that I had it at the last dinner which I took with Twelve Apostles to celebrate the Passover feast day equal to Jewish New Year holidays on the previous night when Christ is executed on a cross, a seat of the again dinner. The dinner was a symbol of the ceremony of the sacrament of the sacred body conventionally, but described the Leonardo as a drama of the human heart that rose into the tragedy. To hear a logion leaf, "there is a person betraying me in this", I am doing way of surprise that an apostle varies, the sorrow 12 people. The Christ is described in a pyramid type like a quiet mountain, and the disappearance point of the perspective disappears to the head of the Christ rising on the crossing horizon of the sky and the ground.

The Leonardo da Vinci "Last Supper" which revives

Not only I say a masterpiece of the great master Leonardo, but also "Last Supper" (around 1945-98) is told with the best masterpiece in the West history of art to represent a style for the renaissance classic period.

However, the fate of this fresco was extremely miserable. The screen was gloomy, and, until the 1970s, the form did not become clear so as not to understand the artistic value well. There was the touch that did not seem to be Leonardo here and there. It is that a building is destroyed in thing, 1943 when it has absorbed moisture consistently as the reason of the damage was described in what I described in tempera (the thing which mixed linseed oil and an egg with a color) that Leonardo is not good for the wall of the plaster, the wall of the dining room of the church by an air strike of the Allied Forces, and a structure body received severely wounding. Besides, after the 18th century, describe it repeatedly; fixing described it and have been performed ka ega.

Cultural assets preservation Board of Control of Milan asked woman restorer pinin burambirra, and, in 1977, a far-off repair of the mind scrupulous minutely to remove a dust and the correction that deposited to a screen by a thin brush was started based on scientific inspection, and that continued for 20 years. We were able to come across the original masterpiece which Leonardo drew for the first time as a result that a dirt and correction were removed. As a result, we can realize now why it is that it was said with the masterpiece which remains in the history right after this painting was sincerely described.

It shows that the 20th century finally brought back true Leonardo by science called the restoration I set the screen that this trip, Otsuka Museum of Art were restored beside a screen before the restoration, and to display and will tell us about value of the original "Last Supper" clearly.

Chiba University's emeritus professor
Kawamura Gakuen Women's University's professor
Midori Wakakuwa
(at the time of 2003)

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