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Additional exhibition of Leonardo da Vinci's "Lady with an Ermine"

Released from 2020/4/21 (Tues)
Otsuka Museum of Artis a full-size reproduction of Leonardo da Vinci's ``Lady with an Ermine'', one of Poland's precious cultural properties, on a ceramic plate. He painted many famous paintings such as ``The Last Supper'' and ``Mona Lisa.''Among the pictures that only more than ten points of the Leonardo about many masterpieces including "Last Supper" "Monna Lisa" exist, this 11 points additionally in total meet.

"The lady holding hakuten" is a work at the time when he served rudoviko suforutsua (popular name yl moro) marquis of Milan with the second work of 4 points of portraits that Leonardo described a woman in a model.
In 1489, chiechiria garrerani (those days around 15 years old) where the model became lorette of rudoviko. "It is rocky, and, in hakuten (stoat of the winter coat of fur) to hold in an arm, it is said with -" in Greek and is the game of rhyming of her family name, and ten is said with "purity and a symbol of the moderation".
I set this work beside "Monna Lisa" and display it. It is an idea only in this museum which a rare portrait of the Leonardo for women compares it and can appreciate.

1489-90/oil painting, walnut/54.8*40.3cm/Czartoryski Museum (Krakow National Gallery annex), Poland

I use Optisolis™ (Opti Solis) lighting

Renaissance Exhibition Room 46
The lighting that illuminates the work uses the ultra-high color rendering white LED "Optisolis ™" provided by Nichia Corporation (Anan City, Tokushima). Optisolis ™ is a lighting developed by making full use of the blue LED and phosphor technology cultivated by Nichia Corporation for many years, and is a very suitable light source for lighting museums and museums.By illuminating with Optisolis ™, which can emit light with a color close to natural light, you can make the color of the picture look faithful.Please enjoy the masterpiece drawn by Leonardo da Vinci in detail.

Up to national possession in Poland

Czartoryski Museum ©Muzeum Narodowe w Krakowie Photo: tomasz markowski
Czartoryski Museum in city Krakow in southern Poland is the country oldest art museum. It stores the superior work of modern times from the ancient times, and it is "a lady holding hakuten" that is assumed a fine example above all. In around 1800, the son of the marchioness of Isabella charutorisuka purchases it in Italy and displays it in Czartoryski Museum utilizing the building which was an armory. It was plundered of by Nazi though it was carried to Germany at the time of 2 degrees World War and got out of trouble, and after that there was thorny history to pass through each place for several years. From 2016 of the Polish nation became owned, and returned to original possession building.

Leonardo da Vinci

"The Last Supper" (left) before restoration (right) after restoration
He was born in Italy in 1452. He was apprenticed to the Verrocchio of the famous painter, sculptor of Florence early in his 10s and acquire the basics of overall art by experience. He was recognized as a painter before long and become independent. He continued making an effort in a sculpture, a building, performing arts, astronomy, the various fields including the mathematics at the same time to produce a picture and show talent. He was also called "all-around person", and is counted for renaissance three in the golden age by one of the great great masters. The influence that he gave the painter of the coming ages including the device of introduction and the sfumato of the linear perspective to be seen in "Last Supper" is immeasurable. D.1519.

I introduce all Leonardo da Vinci 11 points which I can appreciate in Otsuka Museum of Art in series

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