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Vermeer 2 work simultaneous addition

▲Daughter having a wineglass
I reproduced it, and the Otsuka Museum of Art displayed two points of the interesting "geographer" of painter Vermeer who represented the Netherlands in the 17th century "daughter who had a wineglass" to the actual size with Sue board publicly from Tuesday, October 1, 2019.
"The geographer" becoming the addition this time reminds you of the Netherlands foreign countries donation in those days (put on Japanese-style speculation) at the same time as the young man whom past this museum display 6 works did not have is person that, and furthermore, it is intellectual, and the world of Vermeer spreads and is the work which the scientific level in those days offers a glimpse of. On the other hand, it is the work which is valuable in this sense which "the daughter having a wineglass" rises in a few secular atmosphere in a past display work, and conveys that there was vanitasu image of the baroque to taciturn Vermeer in the 17th century.
The Vermeer work which is said to be 35 points. I can appreciate eight points in total by this two points of addition at the same time. Please enjoy masterpiece circulation of Vermeer in Otsuka Museum of Art.

Otsuka Museum of ArtCopies of 8 works by Vermeer that can be viewed at

The production year
Work name
OneAround 1658-59
WaiThe Girl with the Wine Glass
Herzog Anton Ulrich Museum, Germany
Around 1660
Interior with a Maidservant Pouring Milk
Rijksmuseum, the Netherlands
Around 1660
View of Delft
Mauritshuis, the Netherlands
Around 1660
Little Street, Delft
Rijksmuseum, the Netherlands
Around 1663
Woman Reading a Letter
Rijksmuseum, the Netherlands
Around 1665-66
Girl with pearl earrings
(girl in blue turban)
Mauritshuis, the Netherlands
Staedel, Germany
Around 1670-72
A Young Woman standing at a Virginal
The National Gallery, the U.K.
(As of 2019/10)

Jan Vermeer

▲This museum Vermeer gallery
He was born in Netherlands, Delft in 1632. The director of the Delft painter association serves commencing with the activity as the painter since 21 years old, too. He described indoor everyday life to assume a letter, music, romance a subject and left a work delicate beautifully which attracted a person of appreciation including the image among the images which expression of a minute manner of handling a brush and the well-thought light, several folds could interpret. The work was gradually forgotten when he died at 43 years old in 1675, but it was the 19th century and came to be evaluated some other time. 35 points of left works are said to be it.
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