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Actual size reproduces Vermeer "A Young Woman standing at a Virginal"

Released from 2019/4/20 (Saturday)
Vermeer"A Young Woman standing at a Virginal"
1670-72 51.7 x 45.2cm
The National Gallery, the U.K.
"The A Young Woman standing at a Virginal" is the work that the simplification of later years is mixed with delicacy of the golden age with a masterpiece of the last part of Vermeer moderately. Because the image out of two pieces of images is drawn on camera back and the wall of the virginal (small keyboard instrument similar to the harpsichord), and the picture of Cupid raising central cards suggests "faithful love", and there is a bow on her head, it is understood even if I show that a woman is loving it. A Japanese unscreened work, please see it in Otsuka Museum of Art by all means.
▲You can see eight points in Vermeer gallery this museum

Jan Vermeer

It was born in The Netherlands, Delft, in 1632. The director of the Delft painter association serves commencing with the activity as the painter since 21 years old, too. He described indoor everyday life to assume a letter, music, romance a subject and left a work delicate beautifully which attracted a person of appreciation including the image among the images which expression of a minute manner of handling a brush and the well-thought light, several folds could interpret. The work was gradually forgotten when he died in 1675 at 43 years old, but it was the 19th century and came to be evaluated some other time. 35 points of left works are said to be it.

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