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Museum X wakeshon

Art and the work time when it is wrapped naturally and is rich…

The Otsuka Museum of Art suggests "museum X wakeshon" which puts the body in non-everyday art space, an ease of the Nature, and does work. Sensitivity is stimulated, and a flash and idea power increases and can expect substantial special time. 

Art museum among magnificent nature

Photograph from the sky
The Otsuka Museum of Art is located in Setonaikai National Park, and it is designed to harmonize with nature. The museum is the largest in Japan, the basement 3rd floor to the 2nd floor equaling 5 floors, and has 4 kilometers worth of viewing.

History of the Western art to be able to learn by full-scale force

"The Scrovegni Chapel" which a story of the Bible understands with a picture
Our exhibition features a collection of western art from 26 countries, owned by more than 190 museums, that spans from ancient times to the modern era and totals around 1000 pieces, recreated on ceramic plates to the same size of the originals. Only in this 1 place can you experience the extravagant feeling of traveling around the world of art.

Working time

2nd Basement Floor Outdoor Exhibition Café next to Monet's "Large Water Lilies" (*Water lilies are in full bloom from June to September)
Space connecting from the basement floor to the ground floor
Wi-Fi is installed throughout the building, and charging poles, outlets, tables, and sofas are installed throughout the building, so you can easily work between paintings.You can use it as a place for "wortcation" by yourself or while valuing group activities and time with your family.

Appreciation sheet for business people

Interesting Botticelli "Birth of Venus" of the renaissance period
I notice own preference by coming across various works and may be a chance to deepen interest and knowledge to art. I prepared the appreciation sheet for business people for an attendant of the appreciation. The guide (the highlight guidance), please enjoy it at the appointed hour by Other than that, a sound guide and the volunteer guide, too.
■The Western masterpiece appreciation sheet that a business person wants to know   

5 selections of edition which "trains sensitivity"

It is healed by scenery of scenic beauty

The clear air, sky, green, sea and the location where I adapted myself to naturally are outstanding! It is recommended to make work at an opening-like place while feeling a season. 

I find favorite art and place

Exhibition room 70 (Monet, toroppu others) to create gaiety to in stripe of the yellow X white
It is the wall paper of the exhibition room which made an elaborate plans that directs non-everyday art space more luxuriously. It is gorgeous, and there is a solid feeling, and it appreciates a picture in a different atmosphere, and it is the powerful charm of the art museum that finds a favorite work and place. 

<facilities in the hall>

Charge pole
■All the buildings Wi-Fi
■ 7 locations in the charging pole Installation location (PDF)
■I install table & chair in each site in outdoors in the hall
■Re-entering a building is possible during the same day which entered it
 (please report to an information receptionist before being able to appear outside a hall)
[Museum Rules] While customers show their consideration in the hall, please spend time.

I take a walk for a change

It is about 5 minutes on foot from the art museum to the superb view spot overlooking Onaruto Bridge
The tide of Naruto Channel is said to be one of "three major tides of the world". Around an art museum, the tourist facility which can see the whirling current close is substantial.
Whirling current steamship(about 6 minutes on foot from the art museum)
Naruto sightseeing steamship(about 25 minutes on foot from the art museum)
Onaruto Bridge bridging Memorial Eddie(about 25 minutes on foot from the art museum)
Onaruto Bridge promenade Uzunomichi(about 30 minutes on foot from the art museum)
※As service, the opening situation may change by weather, please be careful.
※As the whirling current has at their best time, reference give me the homepage of each facility.

The around art museum accommodations

[Directions & Parking from the art museum]
It is about 10 minutes by car
※Please refer to a direct hotel for the pickup and drop-off one desired
[Directions & Parking from the art museum]
About 25-minute walk
It is about 2 minutes by car
Getting off at route bus "Oge sea front" bus stop
[Directions & Parking from the art museum]
About 20-minute walk
It is about 2 minutes by car
Getting off at route bus "Oge sea front" bus stop
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