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I introduce a great master Leonardo da Vinci 11 work


This work is estimated to be a product of the time independent of a studio of the teacher Verrocchio with a work of the early period of Leonardo.
The scene which tells that archangel Gabriel sent by God visits the cause of the Maria as for the Annunciation which is a theme and carries Son of God. I have been expressed as one of the serious doctrines by many pictures in Christianity.
The thing which there is scarcely in the natural world as a characteristic of the Leonardo work appearing nothing. The description of the field of the early spring when symbolic flowers bloom to God without the rays that the pigeon of the spirit of a dead person is mysterious is monopoly of the sharp Leonardo of the plant observation. In addition, this is done with a sign peculiar to Leonardo meaning purity of the Maria because the right Virgin Mary binds the abdomen with golden cloth, and the same expression is seen in "Virgin of the Rocks". In addition, it is delicate description of the chestnut curly hair of the angel, a masterpiece full of the talent of painter around 20 years old including the shading off background that resembled closely in the background of "the Monna Lisa".
Leonardo da Vinci "Annunciation" 1472-73 age/98*217cm/Uffizi Gallery, Italy

②Baptism of Christ

It is the work which Leonardo of around 20 years old training itself in a Verrocchio studio and the teacher Verrocchio created.
It is the altar image that Verrocchio was asked for for the sun saruvi monastery of Florence. Christ, St. John, the approximate background become the hand of the teacher, but it is said that pupil Leonardo corrected the background with an angel of the left edge. Which painter in not only the Verrocchio but also the 15th century was not able to describe the expression of the expression of the angel who was out of himself/herself and the curly hair which glittered delicately, the complicated figure that twisted a head a little, the soft shadow of clothes in a voice of the sky which blessed Christ, the mysterious miracle called the pigeon of the spirit of a dead person, too.
Verrocchio and Leonardo da Vinci "Baptism of Christ" 1472-73 age/177*151cm/Uffizi Gallery, Italy

③Adoration of Magi

It is the first masterpiece which Leonardo produced independently from a studio of the Verrocchio. He had a custom to often leave a work for as it is unfinished, but this product applies to it, too.

All the approximate designs are drawn on this draft, and it is the composition that is the most characteristic. The Virgin and Child is drawn beside a screen, and worshiping Three Wise Men are juxtaposed like a line by the front, but Leonardo usually locates 3 doctors in lower right and left in a pyramid type in Virgin and Child in the center of the screen.


Leonardo da Vinci "Adoration of Magi" 1481-82 years/243*246cm/Uffizi Gallery, Italy

④Virgin of the Rocks

An altar image to display in the chapel attached to the sun Francesco Grande temple was asked for by the conception kindred spirit society of no original sin, and the Leonardo which fixed a residence for Milan in 1483 described this work.
By the original contract, Virgin and Child and an angel, two prophets (Isaiah and David) were going to be drawn, but St. John is described in the completion product in place of a prophet, and the subject is estimated when the Holy Family which escaped from infant slaughter is the scene based on the Bible lateral biography that met John the Baptist protected by an angel.
The closed space of the cave symbolizes virginity of the Holy Mother, and golden cloth is bound the abdomen of the Holy Mother with as well as initial product "Annunciation" again, and internal purity of the Holy Mother is emphasized because an angel points at it. It may be said that these reflect thought of the no original sin conception that the kindred spirit society that a request is important insists on.
It is the work which can be also known as collected studies of the search of the Leonardo including the triangle composition to assume description by sfumato and the aerial perspective, the minute expression, Holy Mother of the plant a top.
Leonardo da Vinci "Virgin of the Rocks" 1483-86 age/199*122cm/Musée du Louvre, France

⑤The lady who holds hakuten

It is a work of the time when I served rudoviko suforutsua (popular name yl moro) marquis of Milan with the second work of four points of portraits that Leonardo described a woman in a model.
The model is Che Chile a garrerani in 1489 (around 15 years old) which became lorette of rudoviko. Imperial Court poet Bernardo berinchoni praises the beauty of one woman whom Leonardo drew with a sonnet (quatorzain) of around 1490 saying "even/sun is veiled if Che Chilean a is so beautiful now and compares it with/eyes". Ten was "purity and a symbol of the moderation" in dobutsutan in the Renaissance at the same time as hakuten (stoat of the winter coat of fur) which Che Chilean a held in an arm was rocky, and it was said with -" in Greek, and "it was a game of rhyming of her family name.
Judging from the change of the style of painting of the Leonardo, it is considered to be a work produced from 1489 through 90.
Leonardo da Vinci "lady holding hakuten" 1489-90 age/54.8*40.3cm/Czartoryski Museum (Krakow National Gallery annex), Poland

⑥Last Supper <before restoration> (top) <after the restoration> (bottom)

In around 1495, because rudoviko suforutsua (popular name yl moro) of Milan had the honor of being you as for the Leonardo in his early 40s, production of "the Last Supper" was asked for and described it in the obstacle of the restaurant of the monastery.
He captured the movement of 12 pupils surprised at words of Jesus saying, "there will be a person betraying me in this", and there is a head of yes at a disappearance point of the perspective that is a crossing point of the nature and symbolizes that he is in the world center.
As for this product, damage began at the time that Leonardo lived in from what was described in tempera technique (the thing which mixed flax oil and an egg with a color). It was for about 20 years until 1999 that the scientific repair was finished. I was able to come across the original masterpiece which Leonardo drew as a result that I wrote a dust and a dirt, and ka eno brush was removed. I reproduce before and after restoration to actual size with Sue board, and, in the Otsuka Museum of Art, comparison appreciation is possible.
Leonardo da Vinci "Last Supper" 1495-98/420*910cm/Santa Maria derre guratsuie monastery restaurant, Italy

⑦Saint Anna and Virgin and Child

He left Milan, and, in 1499, the Leonardo returned home in Florence after an interval of 18 years. This work is a sketch of "Saint Anna and Virgin and Child" which were sometimes drawn. The Leonardo showed that I could completely grasp all only by shadow, the reflection that were an effect of the light, the black-and-white light and shade indicating the highlight with this product. It was said that this sketch itself, Leonardo showed finished new technique and sight in a perfect form, and it was not for oil painting. The Holy Mother looking at Christ is drawn with the look that was full of affection, the expression of the smile.


Leonardo da Vinci "Saint Anna and Virgin and Child" 1498/141.5*104.6cm/The National Gallery, the U.K.

⑧Monna Lisa

The work which it is said to that Leonardo establishes it at hand till the last and added a hand. An opinion to be wife rethe of textile merchant Francesco Dell jokondo of Florence is influential, but, about the model of the statue for women, the opinion not to be the portrait of the actual person is advocated. The Leonardo thought that the natural world did not have the abozzo and shaded off the neighborhood without creating a contour clearly and described this product using sfumato technique to let you melt into it in the background. I describe the life of the earth and the river in the very large scenery of the background and express scenery not to exist using aerial perspective.


Leonardo da Vinci "Monna Lisa" 1503-06 years/77*53cm/Musée du Louvre, France

⑨Virgin of the Rocks

Leonardo is approximately of the same size, a work of the composition with "the Virgin of the Rocks" which I produced in 1483-86. Because request important kindred spirit society refused receiving as for the work which I created earlier, it is said that described this work according to a work of the Leonardo by Ambrojo de Predis.
The gesture that an angel points to the abdomen of the Holy Mother disappears with this work unlike the first product eyes and is assumed when this is because traditional kindred spirit society evaded direct gesture to show the abdomen of the Holy Mother. In addition, because halo and cross, wing above the head were added, I become easy to distinguish the Virgin Mary, Jesus Christ, John the Baptist, the angel, and yes grows up a little, and, as for the second work full of shadow, the Holy Mother is felt, too.
In the Otsuka Museum of Art, I display two pieces of "Virgin of the Rocks" and display it and I compare the difference and can appreciate it.
Ambrojo de Predis and Leonardo da Vinci "Virgin of the Rocks" around 1508? /189.5*120cm/The National Gallery, the U.K.

⑩Saint Anna and Virgin and Child

The Leonardo spent later years with protection of the French King Francois first in a tower house in the crew of Anbo Wirz, but it remains for the record then to have possessed this work. However, I am supposed because he possessed it till the last without it being revealed when this work was created clearly when I expressed own thought not the commission work for specific temples of Confucius. I am great, and Saint Anna wraps up the Holy Mother and Christ like a great earth mother. When I am young, I am separated from mother, and it is thought that the image of this great mother = earth had a very important meaning for Leonardo attracted by motherhood throughout the life.
Leonardo da Vinci "Saint Anna and Virgin and Child" around 1512/168.5*130cm/Musée du Louvre, France

⑪Baptizer St. John

It was 1519, 67-year-old time that Leonardo left the world. As for this product, Leonardo becomes the last oil painting image about a pioneer.
John the Baptist appeared before the Christ and foretold the arrival of the Christ, but the people did not believe this and were executed. The screen is very gloomy, and only a face and a shoulder and the arm are slightly lighted up by the light. The true brightness is Christ, and John prophesies it for coming light in darkness. John pointing to the sky in the sky with the truth mean. The person who merely proves it about light of the one truth in darkness of the delusion. That you swell in the times is mental Self-portrait of the pioneer Leonardo which I went ahead of.
Leonardo da Vinci "baptizer St. John" 1513-16 years/69*57cm/Musée du Louvre, France
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