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[I can enjoy it in a house] Coloring series

I help you put on a masterpiece and change it and can paint (2 kinds)

Enjoy "painting dress up and coloring" at home!
This is an artistic "Kisekae coloring book" where you can enjoy 6 costumes depicted in various masterpieces from ancient times to modern times. Once you color it, you can cut it out using the dotted lines and play around with it. Dress up Margarita and Belasuke (descendants of Velazquez?) and share them on social media.
#You help you put on a masterpiece and change it, and sew it


Belasuke (a progeny of the great master Velázquez?)

[I help you put on it and change it and can paint and download it]

We paint it freely, and let's enjoy it!

We help you put on the clothes in the masterpiece, and let's play!
Let's paint it in a favorite color freely!


Child "pegger tchi" of Pegasus. Because father of Pegasus coming up in a Greek myth is God Poseidon of the sea, and God Muses (the etymology of "the museum") of literary arts kept Pegasus, it is a character appropriate for the Otsuka Museum of Art facing the sea.
We paint it in a favorite color, and let's enjoy your own pegachi!

Use your favorite color!

Masterpiece coloring

[masterpiece coloring series] to sew a masterpiece freely, and to be able to enjoy came up. Are you used to the feeling of great masters if you color a Western masterpiece with a color only for you?…? It is coloring series to be able to enjoy from a child to the adult.

Masterpiece coloring 《Filippo Lippi "Virgin and Child and two angel"》

Filippo Lippi "Virgin and Child and two angel"

Masterpiece coloring 《a Leonardo da Vinci "lady holding hakuten"》

The Leonardo da Vinci "lady who holds hakuten"

Masterpiece coloring 《Auguste Renoir "Luncheon of the Boating Party"》

Renoir, Auguste "Food for Boaters"

Masterpiece coloring 《Claude Monet "La Japonaise"》

Claude Monet "La Japonese"

Masterpiece coloring 《Exekias "Dionysos to pass to in the sea》

Exekias "Dionysos across the sea"

Masterpiece coloring 《Edouard Manet "Lunch on the Grass"》

Manet, Adouar "Lunch on the grass"

Masterpiece coloring 《Giuseppe Arcimboldo "Water (from "four major elements")"》

Arcimboldo, Giuseppe "Water (from the" Four Elements ""

Seven masterpiece coloring Art Francais- France-born painters―

[seven masterpiece coloring Art Francais- France-born painters -] I 7 seven kinds of this in series. You pay attention to Self-portrait and the characteristic part of the masterpiece, and, with the trivia of the painter, please enjoy coloring.


Eugène Delacroix "Liberty Leading the People"
Edouard Manet "Young Piper"


Claude Monet "Woman with a Sunshade"
Edgar Degas "Dancer in the Scene (Etoile)"
Jean-Francois Millet "Gleaners"
Pierre-Augustê Renoir "Ball at the Moulin de la Galette, Montmartre"
Paul Cézanne "Apples and Oranges"
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