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Meaning of the Cappella Sistina ceiling picture perfection reproduction

Michelangelo received a command of the Pope Julius II and painted a large fresco on a chapel ceiling in only four years from May, 1508. As for the Vasari of the art historiographer who saw this painting then, "this picture is light to light up our art. This picture was writing, it was light to light up this world that there was in darkness, and great writer Goethe admired it again saying "it is revealed how much thing we human being could do if I saw this ceiling". A crowd of people who visit the chapel to look up at this ceiling from all over the world does not cut off a trace even now.
There is a magnificent scene of "the The Creation" drawn on "the Genesis" of the Old Testament there. God appears at the world first moment and gives you light in darkness and creates the man and woman of the human, but the human crashes against intention of God, and God gives the human the penalty of "the deluge of Noah". It is 9 scenes of the ceiling center and is a magnificent drama of God and the human.
However, God who gave a penalty makes a contract with a human being and promises it if I never destroy the human. The descendants of Noah increase on the ground and meet various hardships because of an expanse, one of the weakness. It is the Jewish mother country loss and wandering fate. For thorny people, I shout that a savior of the human appears before long, and great prophets relieve people from a crime. It is the figure of the huge "prophet" and "medium" that it was described in both sides of the ceiling picture. Michelangelo drew Self-portrait in this prophet and showed that a self was the prophet more than the times. Nomadic people are "ancestors drawn on the half moon type of the lower side and the sail-shaped wall of the Christ". Finally long-awaited Christ comes up on the half moon type wall of the first edge of ceiling picture.
However, it was the technically most difficult skill to imitate the situation indicating the part which bound a ceiling and a wall called "the spandrel" which consisted of the complicated curved surface together and the delicate curve with Sue board, and a chapel of Otsuka was not able to reproduce greatest person image that "heroes of the old promise" "ancestors of the Christ" and Michelangelo described on such curved surface described it in and done "a prophet and a medium stand". The Otsuka Museum of Art is original every day as the only palace which can experience world art and gathers the audiences superior to while being opened, and being in Japan for ten years, and, as for the Sistine Hall which can realize, above all, full-scale broadness, it is in the central space of this hall.
Otsuka Museum of Art and Otsuka omi Sue business gave technical all power on reaching the tenth anniversary, and being similar just reconstituted the perfection of the great achievement of Michelangelo including the curved surface because it was so. I want to celebrate that I became able to offer the total picture of the ceiling fresco to the forthcoming audience from the whole country heartily on celebrating the opening tenth anniversary.
Chiba University's emeritus professor
Otsuka Museum of Art picture choice committee
Late Midori Wakakuwa
 Leader Saint sill Beth fatty tuna knight decoration was conferred from the Vatican by the achievement that director Akihiko Otsuka introduced a Christian tradition through much art works in Japan on March 31, 2007 for the Otsuka Museum of Art second generation, and deepened understanding.
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