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Café de Giverney (B2F)

The 2F basement Café de Giverny
A cafe full of nature overlooking Monet's pond on the second basement floor.Please enjoy some time between viewings with cake and drinks.
Curry and light meals also available.

Business hours 10:30-16:00
250 seats

Popular menu

 Whirling current seafood bowl 1,500 yen
(Includes salt soup, salad, pickled vegetables, and tea) 
 Until 15:00 


Venus curry 1,100 yen  Until 16:00 
Cutlet curry 1,100 yen  Until 16:00 
Today's sweets set (with drink) 950 yen or more
Today's sweets (individual) 500 yen or more

※All include a consumption tax 
※The photograph is an image

Menu list

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