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The world's largest trip platform "trip adviser" announced it on August 27, 2020; "a trip enthusiast chooses you! Otsuka Museum of Art was chosen in the second place by art museum ranking 2020 of the popularity by a Japanese.
Various art museums and museums full of the charm are ranked this ranking to become the fifth announcement at this time based on word of mouth posted it on on the trip adviser in the past one year from whole country each place.
In addition, I won "the ekuserensu certification" and announced "travelers choice 2020" until last year. "The travelers choice" commends facilities receiving a high evaluation consistently, and the ratio is approximately 10% of high ranks of all facilities of the trip adviser. This museum became the ten years consecutive receiving a prize at this time.
I am glad by this receiving a prize in the Otsuka Museum of Art very much.
I will try to be able to spend time to all of you happily in an art museum from now on.
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