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Sound guide

It is simple and is plain! Earphone guide

It is a portable type earphone guide of Japanese, English, Chinese, and Korean four languages a day. A commentary about 6 eras and 100 pieces of picture commentaries can hear it.As well as in front of picture, I can enjoy the commentary of the favorite work at any place.

[rate] 1 unit 500 yen

List of display works (you can hear the work commentary of "the sound guide number" in the list right-side end)

Work (partly) which is collected

Cappella degli Scrovegni (Padova, Italy)
The world of the Bible drawn by painter Giotto of the 14th century is a chapel of the best part. I can read the realism characteristics of the picture which there was not from the work in the Middle Ages. Please thoroughly enjoy full-scale force slowly in an art museum.

Klimt "Kiss" (Vienna, Austria)
A masterpiece of the Klimt which shifted to "gold style" triggered by the mosaic which I saw at a church of Italy Ravenna. Only the head and a face, the hands and feet of the man and woman embracing each other are drawn realistically, and a flower of the paradise is in full glory in the step.

David "Coronation of NapoléonⅠand Joséphine" (Paris, France)
The state of the coronation in the Notre-Dame de Paris temple is put in the big screen approximately 6m in height X 10m in width. It is said that Napoleon of the orderer was satisfied with the workmanship of this picture very much.
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