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July, every Saturday of August holding!

<Saturday Gallery Presentations tour>

I hold the for a limited number on Saturday weekly Gallery Presentations to introduce a work to on a theme full of variety to be able to know the Western masterpiece happily casually while going round the halls with the staff.

Tour summary  
[the date] Every Saturday of July, 2024 and August  ※A talk theme varies according to weeks
[time] Every day 11:30 ... (about 30 minutes)
[capacity] 20 every day (possible advance reservations)
[meeting place] Information neighborhood under the ground on the third floor
[entrance fee]  Free of charge ※Museum Admissions Fee required
※Only as for the guidance in Japanese

Application method
You e-mail you when you click "the tour reservation" of a telephone (088-687-3737) or each following tour and can apply.
 (1)Please let me know the representative full name (2) number of participants by 17:00 on the opening day before the visit.
※As soon as become the capacity; the deadline

 Schedule of July 

■Saturday, July 6 holding

Flower circulation of the masterpiece
[ tour reservation] It reached the flower circulation capacity of - masterpiece at 11:30 on 7/6 Saturday

■Saturday, July 13 holding

... proficient with "delicious masterpiece" - masterpiece with course dishes 
[ tour reservation] I achieved course cooking in enjoyment - capacity with ... "delicious masterpiece" - masterpiece at 11:30 on 7/13 Saturday 

■Saturday, July 20 holding

Japanese boom ... which attracted Japonisme - painters 
[ tour reservation] I reached Japanese boom - capacity that attracted - Japonisme - painters at 11:30 on 7/20 Saturday

■Saturday, July 27 holding

The world heritage which rotates in Otsuka Museum of Art 
[ tour reservation] It reached world heritage capacity to rotate in - Otsuka Museum of Art at 11:30 on 7/27 Saturday

 Schedule of August 

■Saturday, August 3 holding

Gogh and Seven Series Sunflowers
[ tour reservation] It reached Seven Series Sunflowers capacity with - Gogh at 11:30 on 8/3 Saturday

■Saturday, August 10 holding 

I saw it with this textbook!
[ tour reservation] I saw it with - this textbook at 11:30 on 8/10 Saturday! It reached capacity

■Saturday, August 17 holding 

Masterpiece tour to come up in masterpiece animation, comics

■Saturday, August 24 holding 

It is a Times lip in the Roman Empire!
[ tour reservation] It is a Times lip in - Roman Empire at 11:30 on 8/24 Saturday! It reached capacity

■Saturday, August 31 holding

The world heritage which rotates in Otsuka Museum of Art 

※I use the personal information having you provide it for reservation duties of the Gallery Presentations. I may not contribute it to the third party except this museum duties trust point without obtaining the person's consent. But a case based on laws and ordinances is excluded.
[, about the privacy policy in this museum, please confirm an Otsuka Museum of Art privacy policy.] 

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