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For school group customers

■Please check before visiting

-[Travel agency, important request from the museum to school teachers](PDF)Please be sure to check (Updated May 2022, 5)
・There is no large gathering space in the museum.Please complete the well-known matters in advance.floor maphere

■ Preliminary inspection at school events, admission fee exemption for accompanying teachers

Depending on the number of students visiting the library, the number of students eligible for admission fee waivers for the supervising faculty members will vary.
After confirming the following "Regarding admission fee exemption for accompanying teachers at school events",
Thank you for your application.

[About preliminary inspection]
 The schools that have been decided to visit areExemption for up to 1 faculty member only 1 time per 1 groupIt becomes.
If you would like to preview, please contact us in advance.

■About bringing lunch

Please use the garden on the 1st floor (only in fine weather).
※In a rainy day, the lunch carry-on space is not in the hall.
*Please bring a rug, etc. to use on the lawn (please refrain from using the restaurant's terrace seats).
※Please refrain from lunch in the bus at an art museum parking lot.
* Please contact us in advance if you would like to have your lunch delivered to the museum. For safety reasons, it is not possible to bring in cardboard boxes from the front door. We will inform you how to enter the museum separately.

■ Appreciation support

 "Otsuka Museum of Art About "Viewing Map Worksheet"here   

※ It becomes the same day distribution. 
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