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25th Anniversary Project Additional Exhibition of Van Gogh's "Café Terrace at Night"

Released from Tuesday, March 2023, 3
Van Gogh "Café Terrace at Night"
1888 oil on canvas 81×65.5cm
Kroller-Muller Museum (Otterlo, Netherlands)
The 1st floor modern exhibition room 60 under the ground

The stage of "Café Terrace at Night" is a cafe terrace built on Forum Square in the center of Arles, Southern France.This café actually exists and was the place Van Gogh visited with his fellow painters at the time.

 Under the “blue” night sky with twinkling stars, the cafe terrace illuminated by gas lamps shines “yellow”.This is Van Gogh's specialty of color contrast, and it is considered a masterpiece representing the Arles era, which depicts a night view without using black.

He had a dream, "I want to decorate the atelier in Arles with the Sunflowers I drew and welcome Gauguin, my sworn friend," and completed four "Sunflowers" in less than a week.After that, he produced this work in September, the month before Gauguin arrived.It is also believed that the approaching carriage in the center of the painting is expected to arrive.

Vincent van Gogh (1853-1890)

Born in 1853 in the southern Dutch village of Float Zundert as the son of a minister. He aspires to be a priest but is frustrated, and at the age of 27 he goes on to become a painter.He relied on the painter's younger brother Theo to move to Paris and eventually to Arles, southern France. He started living together with his best friend Gauguin, but went bankrupt in 2 months. Later, he suffered from mental illness and died himself at Auvers-sur-Oise, at the age of 37. Although he had a short life as a painter for 10 years, his work is loved by many.
▲Van Gogh “Seven Sunflowers” ​​Modern Exhibition Room 7
In 2018/3, as a project to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the museum's opening,7 points of "Sunflower" of the vaseand displays them together.
▲Van Gogh's work modern exhibition room 73

Otsuka Museum of ArtList of Van Gogh works that can be viewed at (17 points)

Work nameThe possession nameWork No
1Self-portrait of the straw hatDetroit art research institute, the United States704
2Self-portraitMusée d'Orsay, France705
3Artist's Bedroom at ArlesMusée d'Orsay, France707
4Bright starry night of the RhoneMusée d'Orsay (deposited), France708
5SowersKroller-Muller Museum, Netherlands709
6Portrait of Dr. GachetMusée d'Orsay, France710
7Church of AuberMusée d'Orsay, France711
Potato Eaters
Van Gogh Museum, the Netherlands1022
9SunflowerPersonal storehouse
10SunflowerDestroyed by fire in Ashiya-shi, Hyogo in 19451075
11SunflowerNew Pinakothek, Germany1077
12SunflowerThe National Gallery, the U.K.1078
13SunflowerSompo Museum of Art, Japan1079
14SunflowerPhiladelphia Museum of Art, the United States1080
15SunflowerVan Gogh Museum, the Netherlands706
16"The artist on the road to Tarascon"1945 disappearance, Germany1082
17cafe terrace at nightKroller-Muller Museum, Netherlands1088
 (As of 2023/3)
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