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The reincarnated characters of the seven masters,Otsuka Museum of ArtIt is an original story that presents “recommended masterpieces” for the “Masterpiece-1 Grand Prix” to be held at , and decides the museum’s most popular masterpiece.
The cast includes seven popular voice actors: Kamiba Tsuchiya, Shoya Chiba, Shota Aoi, Ryota Takeuchi, Yu Hatanaka, Yuki Sakakibara, and Takuya Sato!

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A total of 26,397 votes! !

Celebrated its 25th anniversaryOtsuka Museum of ArtNow, let's decide on the most popular masterpiece.
"Famous Paintings-1 Grand Prix" will be held.
Thank you for the many votes for your favorite picture.

No.1 in popularityThe museum celebrated its 25th anniversary with the title ofOtsuka Museum of Art
The work that will be the "face" of this year is...
Water Lilies

At the age of 43, Monet moved to Giverny, France, where he painted more than 200 Water Lilies.This work is the culmination of that work. It is a large work on four sides, and although it should have been painted while looking at the same water lily pond, when you compare them, the colors are slightly different.Monet was a painter who was obsessed with light, and with his sharp observational eye and method of expression, he captured and painted the delicate light that changes depending on the time of day.Otsuka Museum of ArtThen, in order to fulfill Monet's wish to see his work under natural light, it is displayed outdoors.
I know a lot about Claude Monet
In commemoration of winning the "Masterpiece - 1 Grand Prix", we have released an appreciation tool that allows you to learn more about Claude Monet and "The Great Water Lily"!
Read the two-dimensional code displayed in the museum with your smartphone!

[setting period]
2023/8/11 (Friday / holiday) ~
[setting place]
2 locations in the museum (B2F Monet's "Great Water Lily", B1F Exhibition Room 70)
The results for 2nd place and below are as follows:

2nd place Leonardo da Vinci “Mone Lisa” 6171 votes
3rd place Jan Vermeer “Girl with a Pearl Earring” 4544 votes
4th place Munch “The Scream” 3108 votes
5th place Michelangelo “Sistine Chapel Ceiling Paintings and Murals” 3032 votes
6th place Van Gogh's phantom "Sunflower" 2034 votes
7th place Klimt “The Kiss” 1285 votes

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