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Secret garden of goddess Flora of the flower
Flower Art Wall of the favorable reception a masterpiece of the Botticelli "transform itself into "a secret flower garden" played inspire in La Primavera.
In the space that can enjoy the fragrance of the flower which is colored with the art flowers such as a
rose and a carnation, the anemone appearing for the painting, and drifts faintly.

 Setting period from Thursday, April 1 to Thursday, March 31, 2022
 Setting place the second floor of the basement renaissance entrance
The name of goddess Flora of the flower is said to be etymology of the place name of Florence
The photo which is art among about 5,200 art flowers
\ September 1, 2021 version up! /
Feeling up shiny with crystal beads!
The masterpiece which represents renaissance
Botticelli "La Primavera"
1478-1482 age Uffizi Gallery possession, Florence

A stage is a spring state of the eternity. Venus and goddess Flora of the flower, mythical gods including zefuyurosu of the fall wind are drawn. As for this work, there is the theory which was described for the purpose of celebrating marriage of the Medicis who gained power as a politician, a banker in Florence at the time.
Orange blossom said that a bride displayed it to the hair in Western old manners and customs blooms on the head of gods, and, in the step, the flowers of about 40 kinds of 500 having flower language to mean marriage and love are in full glory.

From October 3, 2021
I am selling the original product which garnished a box with a masterpiece

Crunch chocolate "La Primavera"
900 yen (tax-included) with 12

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