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You can see the commentary of the representative display work by the art museum staff with a picture in the hall. As painter nitsuiteya, a drawn person and appreciation support to enjoy the Western picture including the background in a thing, the times at the time, please utilize it by all means.

Introduction work

Of the 1st <theme> baroque picture 3 works (about 13 minutes)

Rembrandt "Night-Watch"
Velázquez "RAS meninasu"
A Rubens "portrait of Rubens and Isabella Brandt"

of the 2nd <theme> picture 3 works (about 10 minutes) mother and child

Whistler ": portrait of mother of the painter gray and arrangement No. 1 of the black"
Morisot "it shakes basket"
ruburan "painter and daughter"

3rd <theme> masterpiece treasure of world town magnificent city Florence Paris to go round ① 4 works (about 13 minutes)

"One of À mon seul désir"
Leonardo da Vinci "Annunciation"
Botticelli "Birth of Venus" (the right), "La Primavera" (the left)

4th <theme> masterpiece Treasure of world town magnificent city Florence Paris to go round ② 3 works (about 13 minutes)

Rigaud "Portrait of Louis XIV"
The Cassatt "young woman of the garden"
Monet "redweed of arujantuiyu"

The work of the more than 1000 pieces is displayed from the 3rd floor under the ground to the 2nd floor above the ground for about 4km

Because the most of the building are in the basement, it becomes the large facilities than the appearance. Come with footwear comfortable to walk in.

You can see it in display work numerical order when I will advance along a brown arrow (left-hand figure) shown on the floor.

※On a visit, please read 《approach for relief, security》of the homepage by all means.
※I change the Events by the situation and may stop.

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