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before a visit by all means  Museum Calendarplease confirm

World trip to enjoy by stay art for a good 4 hours

The hall is very large, and just walk regular route about 4km; 1 hour. It is recommended to appreciate slowly luxuriously using time.
Museum Hours of Operation 9:30-17:00 (as for the museum ticket sales until 16:00)
Scrovegni Chapel(Italy)
Monna Lisa (France)
"The Sunflower" of 7 Gogh
(the Netherlands, Japan, Germany, the U.K., the United States)

As for the sweets which are a lunch and art between appreciation!

Undercellar Café de Giverny

A cafe full of nature looking at a pond of the second-floor Monet under the ground. There is the light meal, too.
It is in detail here

Let's enjoy Naruto Whirlpools that is a neighboring sightseeing males size!

As for the Otsuka Museum of Art, re-entering a building is OK only for the same day. Let's enjoy the neighboring sightseeing.

Whirling current steamship

[about 7 minutes on foot from Otsuka Museum of Art]  

It is a small high-speed watching the tide ship. For necessary about 20 minutes, it sails every 30 minutes. I can strongly enjoy the bodily sensation cruising of the approach so that the spray of the whirling current appears. 

Uzushio-kanchosen (Naruto sightseeing steamship)

[a car from Otsuka Museum of Art 3 minutes]

 Large-scale tide viewing boats that depart every 30/40 minutes and underwater tide viewing boats that depart every 25/30 minutes are available (reservations required for all vessels).
※Please confirm it in each formula HP in the best time to see of the whirling current
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