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Opening appreciation route about 4km! Let's enjoy world art museum circulation!  

In permanent construction exhibit space largest in Japan, I can enjoy visiting art museums of more than 190 of the world in 26 countries while appreciating about 1,000 points of Western pictures of the treasure at actual size from the ancient times to the present age. The Historical Reconstructions which reproduced the frescos such as an antiquity or the church together with space is display only by the Otsuka Museum of Art which can taste a sense of reality that seems to be totally in the field.
Sistine Hall (Vatican)
Scrovegni Chapel (Italy)
Water Lilies (France)

The picture that the sexagenary cycle "cow" of 2021 comes up

The bonuru "cultivation of the niverune district" (France)
The initial work that woman painter Rosa bonuru which was the most famous in France won a gold medal in a salon in the 19th century. The description of the beef pulling heavy farming implements under the blue sky is accurate, and be full of niceties and is definition of as good as photograph.

It is a picture about the Japonaiserie splendidly

Monet "La Japonaise" (the United States)
I was exhibited at the second Impressionists exhibition of 1876, and it was evaluated at an exceptional high price. The figure which the model looks back on with a lively smile in wife kamiyu of the painter of "turn back figure of beautiful woman" is.

Best recommended taking a ceremonial photograph spot "love" pink flower Art Wall

"Flower Art Wall" reflecting the image of the rose which came up in masterpiece "Birth of Venus" of the painter Botticelli of Florence. The fragrance of the rose is waft, heart healed this museum best recommended taking a ceremonial photograph spot faintly, too.
[period] It is Museum Calendar until Wednesday, March 31, 2021
[place] Renaissance entrance under the ground on the second floor

Niceness reliable without express bus transfer direct to an art museum from Kyoto, Osaka, Kobe

Tokushima Bus Tuesday, December 15, 2020 - Osaka, Kobe for each three round-trip service start!
Please use it for a visit to Otsuka Museum of Art, sightseeing in whirlpool.
From Kyoto about 2 hours 35 minutes
From Osaka about two hours
From Sannomiya about 1 hour 30 minutes

※The time required varies according to the lines.
※Directions & Parking from each place such as a timetable, a service calendar, a reservation is this

Events concerned

※On a visit, please read << approach for relief, security >> of the homepage by all means.
※I change the Events by the situation and may stop.
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