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I renew it in "love pink"! Flower Art Wall of the rose

I let you boil Events theme "Italy" of 2020 and renew taking a ceremonial photograph spot "flower Art Wall" who imaged a rose appearing in the masterpiece "Birth of Venus" of the painter Botticelli of Florence in a hall by setting, a season from 2020/4.
The theme from a Christmas season toward the early spring is "love pink".
Furthermore, there was the fragrance of the rose faintly, and heart healed this museum best recommended spot was born.
period from Tuesday, 2020/12/1 to Wednesday, 2021/3/31
Place the 2nd floor of the basement renaissance entrance
Mainly on the pink rose with the light and shade, I am colored with a dahlia and a peony, about 3700 art flowers (artificial flower) including the ranunculus.

✿ The rose which dances in wind gently ✿

Botticelli "Birth of Venus"
Around 1485 (Uffizi Gallery storehouse)
The work which expressed a story of the Venus birth in the myth. I am called by whistling to the bank by the west devil of cold and a nymph (spirit of the natural world) that Venus born from the sea embraced each other on a shell. 
The pink rose which flies in the sky as if I bless Venus.
The rose is drawn with the Western picture as a symbol of Venus by the anecdote that was born with Venus.

✿ Meaning of the rose drawn in the masterpiece ✿

A rose seen in a Western picture as well as a symbol of Venus has various meanings, and the pleasure of the masterpiece appreciation spreads even more by knowing them.
The rohhona "Holy Mother of the rosary"
Around 1450 Val rough = rihyarutsu Museum storehouse
The Virgin and Child which stops in the Azuma shop that red and a white rose bloom. Young angels play a favorite musical instrument in the circumference and cheer up Christ and please you.
A white rose and the rose without the splinter (splinter) express purity, and they are drawn with the Virgin Mary
A Bronzino "love and allegory of the time"
Before 1547 London The National Gallery storehouse
A work of the manierisme that I enjoyed a difficult allegory. Woman and Cupid thought to be Venus embrace each other in the center and express sensual lust.
The rose of a rose and the cut flowers which died symbolizes the beauty that is easy to fade and vain pleasure
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