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Approach for relief, security

Approach in the hall

・For the infection prevention and extended prevention, the art museum staff wears a mask by all means and will wear a face shield, gloves depending on the situation.
・I carry out healthy check, hand-washing of the staff thoroughly so that a customer can spend it in peace.
・The hall strengthens the cleaning with the detergents with the sanitization effect.
・I attach an antibacterial filter to the air conditioner in the hall. Furthermore, I circulate air by a fan and ventilate it enough.
・I secure the seat distance of a restaurant and the cafe more widely than usual and install an acrylic panel.It is.
・I install antiseptic solution in each place.

Museum Rules to a customer

I would like the wearing (more than a primary schoolchild) of the regular mask.
I carry out a temperature check by the thermography with an entering a building mouth. (I may take temperature.)
※It is expected that entering a building takes time. Thank you for your understanding beforehand.
Customers leave the interval as much as possible, and, in the hall, please spend it.
I would like finger sterilization with the alcohol at the time of entering a building. In addition, the brisk finger sterilization, bathroom in the hall, please.
For the infection prevention, I hope that I do not touch the work.
At the time of a case and the poor physical condition that are poor in a mood, please report to the staff of the neighborhood immediately.
※I may take temperature.
※The staff wears a mask and uses a face shield, gloves depending on the situation.
The art museum site (I include a parking lot) should give all up smoking. I include the heating-type cigarette, electronic cigarette.
In the Otsuka Museum of Art, I loan the holder which "a mask is not put" to the customer whom a mask is not put by circumstances. Please order of the request.

A rental place: Front entrance entrance counter/the third floor of the basement information
● If you have a fever, cold symptoms, fatigue or shortness of breath, or if you are not wearing a mask, you will not be allowed to enter.
I would like your understanding and cooperation.

2022/9/22 update
Otsuka Museum of Art
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