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[news of the re-postponement] biju tune! Concert

News of the held postponement

In this museum, receive the situation that a new coronavirus infectious disease increases, a concert of the 22nd anniversary of the opening "tune up biju! About disco returns, I decided to postpone it more.
As it becomes the measures that regarded security as the health of the customer visiting to having top priority, I hope that I have you understand it.
Sunday, March 22 → [transfer performance] Sunday, May 24, 2020 → [transfer performance] November 23, 2020 Monday (holiday)
※As your ticket is effective for a transfer performance, please keep it carefully. The stub of the ticket does not separate it and hopes that it is not lost.
※There is no change in the venue of the transfer performance, each opening time.
 In addition, in consideration of the safety of the customer having you participate, I do the preparation of "the same day standing to watch unreserved seat" which I planned if there is no it.
※When you cannot visit the transfer performance, the ticket of this performance is available as an art museum entering a building ticket.
※The art museum visit on another day refunds it in customers hard to please, and the desired copes within a designation period without being able to visit the transfer performance.
 The refund person desired is this
A concert of the 22nd anniversary of the opening "tune up biju! A page of disco returns is this place
As soon as the new information is decided,
I will tell you in Otsuka Museum of Art formula WEB site, SNS.
April 22, 2020 13:00 update
March 7, 2020 17:00
Otsuka Museum of Art
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