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The 2020 Events theme is Italy!

Otsuka Museum of Art Events first "ITALIA magnificent city, Florence"
I start various Events on Wednesday, April 1, 2020 under the theme of Italy for one year until Wednesday, March 31, 2021.
I take up Florence that is the renaissance culture birthplace for the first from April 1 to May 31 and introduce by the way of enjoying masterpieces only in this museum in a keyword with "a flower".
In Florence in Tuscany, "a magnificent city" is also called it in Italy, and the beautiful cityscape is registered with a world heritage of the UNESCO as "Historic Centre of Florence". It is the city that is right known as a treasure house of the art that it is a center of the Early Renaissance, and produces the artist that Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, Raffaello and others are various, and laid the masterpiece of art and the building.
It is held on Saturday and Sunday a week
I want to know it more! Art tour
I postpone plan starting on Saturday, April 4 and "the West masterpiece to read it from an art tour plant to want to know more, and to untie" which I did for the new model coronavirus infectious disease infection prevention, expansion prevention for the time being.
I judge it carefully while seeing the future situation, and the latest information will tell you about the holding in WEB site.
I hope that I have understanding.
March 18, 2020 12:00
Leonardo da Vinci << Annunciation >> Uffizi Gallery storehouse
Western masterpiece to read from a plant, and to untie
"A lily being drawn in the scene of the Annunciation which is why" While nado, the staff show around the picture, I read a meaning put to a plant and decipher "the meaning that had an olive in its hand". (only as for the Japanese guidance)
The date and time: Every week Saturday and Sunday 14:00 ... (about 40 minutes) 
Capacity: 20 (possible advance reservations)
A meeting place: The information side under the ground on the third floor
A great great master knows it already for renaissance 3, and a guide map comes up!
Great master, Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo of the Renaissance,
It is the appreciation tool which can know the Raffaello in detail. 
With this guide map, let's go for a trip in search of the masterpiece of three major great masters.
A setting period: From Wednesday, April 1, 2020 to Wednesday, March 31, 2021
A setting place: Information neighborhood under the ground on the third floor
I enjoy spring in an art museum!
Botticelli << La Primavera >> Uffizi Gallery possession
A stage is a spring state of the eternity.
Venus and goddess Flora of the flower, mythical gods including zefuyurosu of the fall wind are drawn. As for this work, there is the opinion which was described for the purpose of celebrating marriage of the Medicis who gained power as a politician, a banker in Florence at the time. Orange blossom said to that a bride gave glory with Western old manners and customs to hair blooms in profusion on the head of gods and about 40 kinds of flowers having flower language to mean marriage and love bloom in the step and compete.
Flower bed of "the La Primavera"
The flower bed which a carnation and an anemone, about 25 kinds of flowers including the daisy color from about 40 kinds of flowers drawn in the work appears in the garden on the first floor. With masterpiece appreciation, please spend a calm time to feel spring.
A place: Garden on the first floor 
In full bloom: From April to May
Art flower wall
The rose is a symbol of love and Venus Venus. During a period, the shooting spot using the rose comes up in a hall. Is it not wrapped up in the gorgeous space?
A setting place: The neighborhood of renaissance start point under the ground on the second floor
A setting period: From Wednesday, April 1 to Wednesday, March 31, 2021
Discerning lunch & drink for from April to May for a limited time
Art lunch 
"Magnificent city" Florence-style beefsteak 
With color vegetables & Tuscany-style salad 
Lemon steak which a fragrance and acidity finished in the specially made source of the accent.
Vegetables and the color scheme of the Eddie bulldog flower that I stewed in a tomato source are just one dish in spring.
A price: 1,300 yen (tax-included)
A place: Restaurant garden on the first floor
Time: 11:00-15:30 (last order 15:00)
A drink in connection with << La Primavera >>!
Tea soda of Flora who started magic
The name of goddess Flora of the flower which fairy black squirrel of the earth transformed itself into with the etymology of the place name of Florence. Please enjoy the herb tea which a color turns into when I pour specially made syrup and soda.
A price: 700 yen (tax-included)
A place: The second-floor Café de Giverny under the ground
Time: 10:30-16:00 (until food menu 14:30)

The first flyer

※I use the personal information having you provide it for reservation duties of the Gallery Presentations. I may not contribute it to the third party except this museum duties trust point without obtaining the person's consent. But a case based on laws and ordinances is excluded.
[, about the privacy policy in this museum, please confirm an Otsuka Museum of Art privacy policy.]
※I change it at the time of various Events holding and may stop.
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