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For prevention of infection prevention of the new coronavirus infectious disease and infection spread, I decided to postpone "the second atoakademia" where was scheduled to be held on Saturday, April 25, 2020. I guide you as soon as I am selected in a new schedule. I hope that I have it be understood.
In addition, this museum is closed temporarily for the time being from March 4, 2020. I will tell you about the resumption some other time on a homepage. I apologize for the inconvenience, but I hope that I have understanding and cooperation. 【News of the temporary closure
April 17, 2020
The second Otsuka Museum of Art "atoakademia"
News of the art talk holding
"The lady who holds hakuten" of the Leonardo da Vinci 
― In a portrait in the 15th century in the Renaissance for women ― 
The date and time: Saturday, April 25, 2020 14:00-15:00 plan ※Held postponement
A lecturer: Shigetoshi Osano Otsuka Museum of Art picture arts and sciences committee [the Renaissance]
The Otsuka Museum of Art holds an art talk in meeting, series to a lecturer in the experts of the way playing an active part in the wide field including an art historiographer in Concept in "I am carefree by art happily".
The second memorializes the "lady holding hakuten" of the start additional display on April 21, and, to Shigetoshi Osano of the supervision (University of Tokyo's emeritus professor/Otsuka Museum of Art picture arts and sciences committee [renaissance]), please tell about the charm of the Leonardo work.
3 description forms of the portrait are all present in the West by the time when the 16th century begins for the mid-15th century. I watch 3/4 front (or lateral) aiming at a noble profile (detached view) to come from the emperor portrait carved with to money of the ancient Roman age, description full of life of the reality life and am a view on front reminding of a dignified image of God and the Christ. The upper part of the body describes it in outlook on 3/4 front diagonally, and "the lady holding hakuten" of the Leonardo draws the body of the model and the movement of the heart. I read and untie the specificity of the Leonardo work while surveying a portrait of the Renaissance for women by the lecture in the 15th century and tell about the historical fact concerning the model described in. (Shigetoshi Osano)
"Lady holding hakuten" 1489-90 age oil painting/walnut 54.8 X 40.3㎝
Czartoryski Museum (Krakow National Gallery annex) (Poland) 
©The National Museum in Krakow/The Princes Czartoryski Museum 
※This image photographed the original picture.

With beautiful original sweets which imaged "the lady who held hakuten"

I express aristocracy of hakuten which was held when it is Ketaka of the lady of "the lady holding hakuten" with rare cheesecake and S Puma cream. Attached Polish traditional sweets "ponchiki" is the churros which covered it with sugar, and a fragrance of the rose jam spreads in a mouth. ※Participant-limited


[the date and time] Saturday, April 25, 2020 14:00-15:00 plan (the 13:30 opening)
[venue] Otsuka Museum of Art the second floor of the annex
[capacity] 50 (advance reservations system)
[entrance fee] 500 yen (it includes tax as sweets drink charges) ※Museum Admissions Fee required
  Please pay entrance fee 500 yen directly at a venue entrance ※Only as for the cash
[application] ①Apply for email or telephone 088-687-3737 in representative full name ② number of people ③ contact information by 17:00 on April 24.

Shigetoshi Osano (osanoshigetoshi) he profile

It was born in 1951. It is the retirement through Doctoral degree course in University of Tokyo Graduate School humanities graduate course leaving school in midcourse, university's graduate school humanities society system graduate course professor, Director study, Dean Fumi. It is receipt of a decoration, former Vice Chairperson international Japan Art History Society (CIHA) in star knight, knight medals for merit chapter (2003) of the solidarity in Italy and Italian star knight, commendatore medals for merit chapter (2009). The present, University of Tokyo's emeritus professor, the university's specially appointed professor, amburojiana academy (Milan) member, a member of Science Council of Japan. Recent work "Venice of - 1585 on the heels of a mystery of" << portrait of Ito mansho >> (3 yuan company, 2017), Originali e copie. Fortuna delle repliche fra Cinque e Seicento, a cura di S. Osano (Firenze, 2017), "The Newly Discovered Portrait of Ito Mansio by Domenico Tintoretto: Further Insight into the Mystery of its Making" (in artibus et historiae,77, 2018, pp.145-160), compilation, Kazuaki Ura supervising a translation "change of an original and the reproduction image in the copy 16th century and the 17th century" (3 yuan company, 2019), a lot of writing, exhibition catalogue supervision including Luigi fikatchi/Shigetoshi Osano supervision (catalogue editing responsibility) "Caravaggio exhibition" (Hokkaido Shimbun Press, 2019).

The Leonardo da Vinci "lady who holds hakuten"

Czartoryski Museum ©Muzeum Narodowe w Krakowie Photo:Tomasz markowski
The second work of four points of portraits that Leonardo da Vinci described a woman in a model. Che Che rear garrerani (around 15 years old) where the model became lorette of rudoviko ko in 1489. hakuten (stoat of the winter coat of fur) to hold in an arm says in Greek with "gare" and is the game of rhyming of her family name, and ten is said to be a symbol of "purity and the moderation". From 2016 of the Polish nation become owned, and is possessed now by Czartoryski Museum. All the people here can appreciate 11 points of the Leonardo work that the world has only dozens of points by this additional display in this museum.
The Leonardo da Vinci "lady who holds hakuten"
I establish it permanently more from Tuesday, April 21, 2020 and display it

Leonardo da Vinci [1452-1519]

"Monna Lisa"
It was born in Italy for 1,452 years. I am apprenticed to the Verrocchio of the famous painter, sculptor of Florence early in the teens and acquire the basics of overall art by experience. It is detected as a painter before long and becomes independent. I continue making an effort in a sculpture, a building, performing arts, astronomy, the various fields including the mathematics at the same time to produce a picture and show talent. It is also called "all-around person", and it is counted for renaissance three by one of the great great masters. The influence that I gave the painter of the coming ages including the device of perspective and the sfumato to be seen in "Last Supper" is immeasurable.

11 points of Leonardo da Vinci works which I can appreciate in Otsuka Museum of Art

①"Annunciation" Uffizi Gallery, Italian ② "Baptism of Christ" Uffizi Gallery, Italy ※ ③It is> Santa Maria delle Grazie dining room, Italy ⑦ "Saint Anna and Virgin and Child" The National Gallery, the U.K. ⑧ "Monna Lisa" Musée du Louvre, France ⑨ "Virgin of the Rocks" The National Gallery, the U.K. after "Adoration of Magi" Uffizi Gallery, Italian ④ "Virgin of the Rocks" Musée du Louvre, ⑤ "lady Czartoryski Museum (Krakow National Gallery annex), in front of Polish ⑥ "Last Supper" <restoration> <restoration to sit on hakuten" in France ※ ⑩"Saint Anna and Virgin and Child" Musée du Louvre, French ⑪ "baptizer St. John" Musée du Louvre, France ※The seal is coproduction
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