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I announced the tenth Cis Teena Kabuki production

 On the stage of "the Sistine Hall" that a solid reproduced Cappella Sistina of Vatican in the Otsuka Museum of Art,
I stage "Cis Teena Kabuki" with "Japanese and Western collaboration" "newly-composed kabuki" as Concept from 2009.
At tenth and this time to be, I hold it for four days of Sunday for from Thursday, February 13, 2020 to 16th.
Prior to a performance, I announced the production on November 25, and Ainosuke Kataoka talked about enthusiasm to the stage.
※The performance was finished
"Japanese and Western collaboration is Concept of the Cis Teena Kabuki. I am glad of a play depending on a large theater from this Cis Teena Kabuki being born for both an actor and the staff. (the third staged in November, 2011) when Cis Teena Kabuki "GOEMON Goemon Ishikawa" was staged (in February, 2013) in an Osaka Shochiku seat, Tsubasa Imai came to see it. I had it was a relationship and appear on next "GOEMON" performance (October, 2014 Osaka Shochiku seat). Thereafter I say hello saying I am glad of Tsubasa getting along well both officially and privately being able to appear in "NOBUNAGA" becoming the tenth turning point this time very much.
In addition, the Cis Teena Kabuki as "there is a stage midmost, of the Sistine Hall, feel that see every direction, and do not do a play with the difficulty that there is not. As I did not think that I served Nobunaga, I was surprised at the life, but I backed away and closed it and talked about enthusiasm saying I want to serve this the tenth performance.
■A page of the tenth Cis Teena Kabuki is this place
■The news of the Museum Holidays accompanied with the Kabuki performance is this
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