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Cis Teena Kabuki

In the Otsuka Museum of Art, I stage the Cis Teena Kabuki which assumes "the Sistine Hall" that a solid reproduced Cappella Sistina of Vatican to actual size the stage from 2009.
The Kabuki fan increases opportunities to get close to Kabuki to an art museum fan widely from the start in Concept by "Japanese and Western collaboration" "newly-composed kabuki" and wrestles in creation, dispatch of the culture that is new from Tokushima.

As for the Cis Teena Kabuki holding under the theme of "Japanese and Western collaboration" "newly-composed kabuki" in usual, there is not the holding of the performance for new coronavirus infectious disease extended prevention in 2022.
I tell all of you looking forward to the performance about a sincere apology.
I would appreciate your understanding.
October 12, 2021
Otsuka Museum of Art

State of the past performance

From a cameo of Cis Teena Kabuki from the first to the tenth
The first September, 2009
The second November, 2010
"susanoo susanoo"
The fourth November, 2012
"Main Tendo child Shiro Amakusa"
The fifth February, 2014
"Full moon Awa story Figaro"
The sixth February, 2015
"Lily young circle bow meritorious service in war Ulysses"
The seventh February, 2016
"La Belle et la Bȇte Beauty and the Beast"
The eighth February, 2018
"GOEMON Romanesque"
The ninth February, 2019
"shinsetsushokokutan TAMETOMO"
The tenth February, 2020
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