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Art Cosplay Festival 7/17 - holding!

I will play by art in the clothes which I do not only watch exhaustively!
With the clothes of the French masterpiece as for you in the character of the picture.
#Art Cosplay Festival 2019 revolution
Revolutionary! 28 latest clothes
Quite popular experience-based Events "#ArtCosplayFestival." The third and the theme of this year to be "revolution" (revolution). From 11 works related to France, 28 record-high latest clothes come up. If the clothes are for a child, there is adult use, and putting on and taking off is easily OK from clothes. If I take a photograph in the clothes of the character in the picture by a family and a friend, a couple and take the same pause, the conversation is sure to get that it bounds, too. With an opportunity to know the Western picture still more happily!
From Wednesday, July 17, 2019 to Sunday, November 24 ※Because of a favorable reception until Sunday, December 29 ※The The museum will be open throughout August. which removes Museum Holidays
9:30-17:00 (as for the museum ticket sales until 16:00)
Eight places in the Otsuka Museum of Art building

[entrance fee]
It is free, but Museum Admissions Fee is necessary.
Adults \3240, University students \2160, small junior and senior high school students \540 ※Museum Admissions Fee may be changed with a tax increase

All the visitors (if the clothes are for a child, there is adult use)
⇒The flyer this (1MB)

In the character in the picture!

"The Coronation of NapoléonIand Joséphine" which is the biggest in a picture work of this museum possession (vertical 621 X 979cm in width). The design of the coronation that was actually held at Paris no torr = dam temple on December 2, 1804 is approximately as large as life, and it is drawn. If I make an art costume play and take a ceremonial photograph, I can taste the feeling that totally got into the world of the picture.

What kind of art costume play can you enjoy? I introduce a part

Rigaud "Portrait of Louis XIV" Musée du Louvre possession
"National in chin" (chin) and French king Louis XIV who declared it, and established absolute Imperial rule. I made Versailles palace and built the luxurious Imperial Court culture. I put on the mantle which there is the solid feeling that a crest, the lily of the royal family were embroidered on with gold to blue fabric to the clothes for the Imperial Court ceremony. The richness of the hair was considered to be a symbol of the authority, and a feeling of weight wigs which there was were popular in those days.
Bouchee "Portrait of Madame de Pompadour" Wallace Collection possession
The Madame de Pompadour which it became chohi (chohi) of Louis XV from the charm that was beautiful and intelligent, and caught the title of the duchess. To the dress of the rococo era, abundant ribbon decoration is given the chest, the cuffs, the whole skirt. The race decoration which repeated several pieces on the part of the elbow is the fashion at the time.
Manet "Young Piper" Musée d'Orsay possession
The work about the boy of the French Imperial Guardsman forces drum and fife corps. The red pants which were with a line to the black jacket which a button of the money glared with. The cord which is white on a hat. If, having a flute, pose; as for you "Young Piper! "

Still more! 28 clothes lineup 11 works

Clothes lineup (28 11 works)
Child use for Fragonard << Swing >> adult for the child for bouchee << Portrait of Madame de Pompadour >> adult for the child for Rigaud << Portrait of Louis XIV >> adult for the child for Leonardo da Vinci << Monna Lisa >> adult
Monet << La Japonaise >> adult use for the child for Degas << Dancer in the Scene (Etoile) >> adult for Delacroix << Liberty Leading the People >> adult for the child for Manet << Young Piper >> adult
Child use for David << Coronation of NapoléonⅠand Joséphine >> adult for Renoir << Luncheon of the Boating Party >> adult for the child for Renoir << Boating on the Seine >> adult

Clothes cooperation: Kyoto University of Art and Design art department space direction design subject

Design image
It is 14 students that cooperates with 12 of 28 clothes production. Because I check the work of clothes, I start it and pursue a background or cloth material, trendy fashion, detail used in those days thoroughly in the times, and epoch-making clothes only of only one appear in the world full of the originality that they created after trial and error.
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