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With art museum resumption, I restart sale of the Online Tickets from the following date and time.
[booking Online Tickets sale reopening day]
Friday, June 12, 2020 13:00 ...
Museum Admissions Fee Online Tickets rate Same-day ticket rate
Adults 3,160 yen 3,300 yen
University students 2,140 yen 2,200 yen
Konaka High School student 530 yen 550 yen
[Otsuka Museum of Art resumption day]
I am opened as usual from Friday, June 19, 2020
On a visit, please read the following by all means.
<for relief, security the Museum Rules to a customer>
※There is the possibility that the opening situation changes by the situation of the new coronavirus infectious disease.
※I may set a limit to entrance at the time of the congestion.
(2020.6.12 update)

I sell it from 13:00 on Online Tickets Friday, June 12 and reopen

● A change, cancellation, the refund after the purchase is not possible. You check procedure content well, and please purchase it.
※On entering a building, please show the bar code (QR cord) of the ticket by all means. With an application number and the serial number, you cannot enter it.
●For notification when the infected person of the new coronavirus infectious disease occurred in this museum, I use personal information (① full name ② contact information) that had you input at the time of the Online Tickets purchase only for an offer, the notification to the public institutions such as public health centers. I do not use it outside the purpose.
The trouble with acquisition, the ticket which I purchased occurs by resale and a non-regular route. The ticket hopes that you purchase it in a regular sales system by all means to prevent damage.
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